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He makes frequent trips to Iran, and has made a variety of reports for the San Francisco Chronicle across different media, blending articles, blogs, video reports and podcasts to offer a rounder picture of news from Iran. He also serves as a guide to other Western journalists, most recently for Christopher Hitchens of Vanity Fair. His blog “Inside Iran” is currently featured on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website.

He says: ”I’ve also written many articles on Iran and produced and appear in a feature length documentary about Iran, and I am available to publications and television networks unable to send journalists to Iran … I am one of a very few United States citizens who is able to freely travel to and from Iran, and work there as well”.

Read: Holocaust Conference, Iran’s Holocaust cartoon exhibition, by:Jason Rezaian, December 13 2006.

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Jason Rezaian – Iran & USA

He is the Founder and Director of The Iran Media Service, founded in 2000.

Read: Tourists in a divided kingdom, Mosques, Starbucks found in Saudi Arabia, by Jason Rezaian, December 10, 2006.

He is a documentary filmmaker based in Marin, CA who runs a blog on sfgate.com called Inside Iran. (See SFgate).

He is also an Iranian-American freelance journalist whose work on Iran has been featured in Vanity Fair and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jason travels frequently between Iran and the U.S., and recently produced a documentary about his experiences in Iran. He also works part time as the marketing director for his father’s Petaluma-based Persian rug business. (SEE the Blog: Argus Courier).

He writes: As an Iranian American who has lived most of his life in the United States, while maintaining strong ties with Iran, I bring a unique perspective to covering Iran. My experience as an Iranian media advisor is varied, having consulted for network news programs and major magazines, but also freelancers and independent documentary filmmakers. In each case I strive to help insure a profitable experience for my clients, providing them with background information, useful contacts and creating a feasible itinerary that will maximize their time and budget in Iran.

He writes also: I’ve just returned home from my 8th trip to Iran. We’ve completed a documentary film there ‘A World Between‘, trying to bridge some of the many gaps between Iran and the US, my two nations. I was the co-writer, executive producer and narrator of the film. Since my first trip there about 5 years ago I’ve had this as my goal and hopefully I’ve made at least some impact on how Iranians and Americans view each other. I’ve also published several articles about Iran, which are on my website at Iran Media Service. Go also to OMIDYAR network.


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