Viloyat Mirzoyeva – Tajikistan

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She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “In my life I try to follow the commandments of Mother Teresa: Despite everything, always do good to people”.

Viloyat Mirzoyeva (born 1952) heads the Women in Development Bureau and the NGO Gender and Development, both of which promote equal rights for women in society. She trains leaders of governmental and non-governmental women’s organizations. As a result of her work, hundreds of women are successfully working in various areas of society. She has helped Tajik women create NGOs that aim to solve gender problems in Tajikistan. (Read all on 1000peacewomen 2005).

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Viloyat Mirzoyeva – Tajikistan

She works in cooperation with the Women in Development Bureau WID (1), and for Gender and Development (2).

The Youth Committee under the Tajikistan government, UNFPA office in Tajikistan and the Gender and Development Public Association opened a youth center in the Tajik southern city of Kulob, the Asia-Plus reported May 22. As Viloyat Mirzoyeva, chairwoman of the Gender and Development Public Association, told Asia-Plus it is already the fourth such a center in the republic. According to her, the Center will be engaged in solving issues related to reproductive health and family planning. (text).

She is named in the big pdf-report ‘INVESTING IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS NEEDS ASSESSMENT, Overview’, page 82 of 86, as Viloyat Mirzoyeva, Project Coordinator for UNIFEM Tajikistan.

(1) & (2): Books and texts about ‘gender & development‘ and ‘women in development‘: on Gender and Development.; in the Archive of Gender and Development; on amazon; on women in development; on WID/Gender Units and the Experience of Gender Mainstreaming in Multilateral Organisations; on WID in Japan; on; on Women in the Library of Congress; on Oxfam; on Taylor & Francis Group; on Development Gateway Communities; on ADB; on IDRC books free online; on developmental psychology; and on US AID, women in development.


US Census Bureau;

Women & Development Aid;

an education in making schools safe.

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