Bihodjal Rahimova – Tajikistan

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She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “My dream is to strengthen peace in my country forever, to make the life of women and children free of violence, to help my people surmount this transition period, and survive the economic crisis”.

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Bihodjal Rahimova – Tajikistan

She works for UNIFEM.

Bihojal Rahimova (born 1941) is a national adviser of the Unifem Project “Rights for the Land and Economic Safety of Rural Women” in Tajikistan. Owing to her efforts there have been significant changes in land reform legislation as well as in the state program on equal rights and possibilities for men and women. She pays special attention to the issues of access to land and credit for rural women. She brings to this task long experience as an important political figure in the Soviet Union and a profound concern for the rights of women. (Read all on 1000peacewomen 2005).

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