Kamal Nazer Yasin – Iran

Kamal Nazer Yasin is a pseudonym for a freelance journalist specializing in Iranian affairs.

Undaunted Iran forges ahead with nuclear program: Iran presses forward with its nuclear program, brushing off threats of sanctions from the West and a possible airstrike on its facilities by Israel, as Iranian authorities gamble on their foes promising more bark than bite. By Kamal Nazer Yasin for EurasiaNet, Febr. 22, 2007, on Internat. Relations and Security Network ISN. (full text).

Read: IRAN, RAFSANJANI PRESSES POLITICAL OFFENSIVE AGAINST PRESIDENT, STRESSING MODERATION, by Kamal Nazer Yasin Febr. 21, 2007. Excerpt: … “This is the first time after the [presidential election] victory of the neo-conservatives over a year and a half ago that an individual from Iran’s political class has articulated a coherent set of policy statements in direct opposition to the present government,” noted a Tehran political scientist, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The political scientist added that opposition to Ahmadinejad’s policies had been rising, but, until now, presidential opponents lacked a figure around which they could rally. “Many people from elite circles are unhappy with the president’s stand on a range of topics – from Iran’s nuclear program to his denial of the Holocaust to his economic policy. What [Rafsanjani] has done is to tap into this sense of unease and use it to rally all the disaffected factions under his own leadership” … (full text). (same in russian).

FEAR OF ISOLATION PROMPTS IRANIAN SHI’AS TO REACH OUT TO SUNNIS, by Kamal Nazer Yasin Febr. 7, 2007. (full text). Same on: SperoNews, Febr. 12, 2007.

Read: FOES TAKE AIM AT AHMADINEJAD, by Kamal Nazer Yasin Jan. 30, 2007 (text).


Sorry, no photo of Kamal Nazer Yasin (a pseudonym), also no bio nor any other personal information can be available.

Read: KHATAMI’S US VISIT STIRS TENSION AMONG IRANIAN RIGHT-WING FACTIONS, by Kamal Nazer Yasin Sept. 12, 2006. (full text).

Two of his older texts found through Eurasianet.org:
Iran’s strongman plots comeback, by Kamal Nazer Yasin, first published for EurasiaNet 15/10/04. (full text).

Two other older texts found through the IRAN PRESSE SERVICE:
of August 2004; of October 2004.


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