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First read: Iran, A War Is Coming, by John Pilger, February 3, 2007 – The United States is planning what will be a catastrophic attack on Iran … (full text).

John Pilger (born October 9, 1939) is an Australian journalist and documentary filmmaker from Sydney, primarily based in London, England. He told, in an address at Columbia University, on 14 April 2006: ”During the Cold War, a group of Russian journalists toured the United States. On the final day of their visit, they were asked by their hosts for their impressions. ‘I have to tell you,’ said their spokesman, ‘that we were astonished to find after reading all the newspapers and watching TV, that all the opinions on all the vital issues were by and large, the same. To get that result in our country, we imprison people, we tear out their fingernails. Here, you don’t have that. What’s the secret? How do you do it?’ “. (wikipedia).

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John Pilger – Australia & England

Read: War with Iran is coming.

He says also: “what I wanted to do – and I’ve tried to do this in most of my films – is not just simply assault people’s emotions… you saw that… it’s not difficult to do, but when you start to make sense of something then you stray into what’s called the political area”. (full text).

Journalist John Pilger told the crowd of the majority of the white population of Australia would not be able to retain their nationhood until they recognised the Aboriginal nation as first in the country. He linked the Hickey case to the prosecution of a Queensland policeman charged over an Aboriginal death in custody on Palm island. Police made no arrests. (full text).

He has also written for various French, Italian, Scandinavian, Canadian and Japanese newspapers and periodicals, among others, and has contributed to the BBC’s news service. He is on the advisory board of UKWatch.

His publication work (books & articles, films and documentaries, DVDs:

Tony Jones interviews John Pilger,10/03/2004, transcript.

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Read: the Salvador Option, 08 May 2006.

List of Awards.


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