Irina Mutsuovna Khakamada (Hakamada) – Russian Federation

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “My idea is to transform Russia into a new country of freedom and social justice, in which human life is the primary concern and the supreme value”.

Irina Mutsuovna Hakamada (Ири́на Муцу́овна Хакама́да) (born April 13, 1955) is a Russian politician who ran in the Russian presidential election, 2004. Irina Hakamada was an elected representative in Russian Duma from 1993 to 2003. She is commonly regarded as a democratic politician who is in a moderate opposition to the Russian government. (full text).

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Irina Mutsuovna Khakamada (Hakamada) – Russian Federation

She works for Nash Vybor (in russian), a new political movement (english text).

She says also: “The tragedy of the Chechen people, and of the Russian people as a whole, results from the fact that after the military operation in Chechnya [during the second campaign], a profoundly erroneous path of peace settlement was chosen. The following mistakes were made:

  • Designing a power structure suiting only [late Chechen president Akhmad] Kadyrov;
  • A deliberate strategy of creating a split in the ranks of the militants, with one group turning into policemen and another being branded international terrorists;
  • Equating Chechen separatism with international terrorism;
  • Lack of control over money directed to Chechnya;
  • The continuation of military (mopping-up) operations, despite official declarations that they had been halted.

As a result, the constitutional referendum and presidential election, supposed to be the culmination of the settlement process, turned out to be mere public relations exercises aimed at simulating peace. A civil war is under way in Chechnya. In this situation presidential elections can only deepen the split in society”. (full text).

Irina Hakamada, who was born in 1955, holds a PhD in economics. A well-known politician, in 1997 she headed the Governmental Committee on Small Business Support. Elected to the State Duma, she has been its deputy chairperson since 2000. Irina participated in the work of the UN General Assembly Session in 2002. She is co-chairperson of the Russian Public Council on Education Development and head of the charitable fund ‘Vale Hospice International‘. She is now a leader of a new democratic party, Nash Vybor, and focuses her activities on promoting the ideals of civil society in Russia. (Read all on 1000peacewomen 2005).

VALE HOSPICE International, english version;
VALE HOSPICE International, russian version;
First Moscow Hospice.

Her Homepage in russian.

Vale Hospice International in russian.

Irina Khakamada, one of Russia’s leading liberal politicians, announced the creation of the new political party Our Choice. Khakamada said her main goal was to bring liberal parties back on to the political stage, from where they were ousted in the wake of Yabloko and SPS’ resounding defeat in the Decmeber 2003 parliamentary poll. (full text).

  • In 1989, Khakamada began her career as an entrepreneur, as well as becoming actively involved with charities and social welfare organizations. These activities eventually led her to politics. In 1993, Irina Khakamada was elected to the State Duma from one of Moscow’s single-mandate districts. In 1995, she was once again elected to the parliament. During her tenure in the State Duma, Irina Khakamada was offered a post of the First Deputy Minister of Anti-Monopoly Policies and the support of entrepreneurs, but she refused it;
  • In 1993, elected to State Duma from a single-mandate district in Moscow, re-elected in 1995. Member of the Russian Regions faction;
  • In 1997-98, head of the government Committee for the Support and Development of Small Businesses;
  • In 2000, replaced Boris Nemtsov as deputy Duma speaker (re-elected to Duma in 1999);
  • In 2001, elected co-chair of the Union of Right Forces (SPS);
  • Participated In the March 2004 Presidential Election, receiving 3.84% of the vote and coming in fourth;
  • Married, with two children. (full text).

Presidential candidate implements her ambition in the Internet: Russian media are paying less and less attention to the coming presidential elections. The issue of the new government is the beat of the day. Opposition presidential candidates are trying hard to receive public attention. They are making pompous statements, threatening with disclosing the truth, suing their opponents and authorities. (full text).

U.S. BLASTS START TERROR WARFARE: HAKAMADA, 2001-09-12 – Yesterday’s American tragedy brings in terror warfare, says Vice-Speaker Irina Hakamada of the State Duma, Russia’s lower parliamentary house. The appalling terror acts may trigger off bad things. If the USA takes a line of action to be expected from a country in a state of war, the world will face horrible danger, up to nuclear war, she warns. The parliamentary leader called the world for urgent response to be led by the UN Security Council and NATO offices. Russia must not stay aside. The situation demands from all civilised countries to pool in military and civilian efforts for a rebuff to terror – or global terrorist forces will unleash their own war, says the MP. Irina Hakamada is prominent on Russia’s reformist Union of Right Forces. (pravda).


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