Cyd Ho Sau-lan – Hong Kong, China

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Cyd Ho Sau Lan, born 1954, was a full-time legislative councillor of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council LegCo, elected from the geographical constituency of New Territories East from 1998 to 2000 and Hong Kong Island from 2000 to 2004. She is a founding member of The Frontier, a local pro-democracy political group. She is well-known for promoting universal suffrage, rule of law, human rights, and equal opportunity, as well as advancement in the interests of women, homosexuals and other minority groups. (full text).

She says: “It’s a long way to democracy. More hurdles of interpretation might be ahead of us. The trio from the NPC surprised us with meeting the democrats, gentle words and crack of joke. However, political gestures, no matter how sophisticated to sweeten, cannot heal the wound after damage is done. The skillful lobbying is meaningful only before the interpretation when amendment to or withdrawal of the resolution is possible with interactive dialogue. The hard fact left behind the trio is, the interpretation lifted the threshold to democratization. The positive change comes only in form but unfortunately not in substance”. (full text).

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Cyd Ho Sau-lan – Hong Kong, China

She works as chairperson for the Human Rights Monitor in Hong Kong and she is the co-convener of the Project Civil Referendum.

Listen to her speach on YouTube.
Listen to her audio or/and video on South China Morning Post.

She says also: “There are many parties, groups and cliques under the pan-democratic label. Ho now appeared the odd one out. Surprisingly to some, she has not been affiliated with any of them after quitting as a key member of the Frontier group, which boasts chiefly of its convenor, democratic legislator Emily Lau. The Hong Kong democrats’ prime appeared to be over. In contrast, pro-Beijing parties and groups, including unions, looked robust in terms of membership and media coverage. Why couldn’t the democrats all truly unite under one flag? “Unite? What’s on offer? No power, no status, and no money!” Ho quietly exclaimed, then sighed”. (full text).

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Occupation: Legislative Councillor.

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And she said also: “I would encourage consumers to boycott this campaign”, Frontier legislator Cyd Ho Sau-lan said … “, (full text).


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