Michel Bauwens – Belgium & Thailand

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He says: ”I guess I’m more of a serial entrepreneur: as soon as a company reaches a 25-40 staff barrier, I tend to loose interest because of the increased management workload, and so move on to new projects. Anyway in 1998, after selling the two companies I had founded, I had a kind of burnout. This was partly due to the fact that I had been combining my day job with the co-production of a three-hour TV documentary … It was called TechnoCalyps, the Metaphysics of Technology and the End of Man. It was an extensive meditation on the transhuman / posthuman impact of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology”. (full interview text).

Listen to his 22 minutes Google Video on what is P2P (peer-to-peer), registred on October 10, 2006.

Listen to Interviews on Robin Good’s website.

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Michel Bauwens – Belgium & Thailand

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Michel Bauwens (born 21 March 1958) is a Belgian integral philosopher and Peer-to-Peer theorist. He has worked as an internet consultant, information analyst for the United States Information Agency, information manager for British Petroleum (where he created one of the first virtual information centers), and is former editor-in-chief of the first European digital convergence magazine, the Dutch language Wave.

With Frank Theys, Bauwens is the co-creator of a 3 hour documentary TechnoCalyps, an examination of the ‘metaphysics of technology’. He taught and edited two French language anthologies on the Anthropology of Digital Society. Although a student of Ken Wilber’s integral theory for many years, he has recently become critical of aspects of the Wilber-Beck movement, and is a powerful voice for a non-authoritarian peer-to-peer based integral society. Bauwens is the author of a number of on-line essays, including a seminal thesis Peer to Peer and Human Evolution. He is editor of Pluralities-Integration /Pluralities/Integration newsletter. He now lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he created the Foundation for P2P Alternatives. He has taught courses on the anthropology of digital society to postgraduate students at ICHEC/St. Louis in Brussels, Belgium and related courses at Payap University and Chiang Mai University in Thailand. (full text).

Michel Bauwens is an internet pioneer. He created two dot.com companies, was (eBusiness) strategic director for the telecommunications company Belgacom, and ‘European Manager of Thought Leadership’ for the U.S. webconsultancy MarchFIRST. He co-produced the television documentary TechnoCalyps: the metaphysics of technology and the end of man, and co-edited two French-language books on the ‘Anthropology of Digital Society.’ He was also editor-in-chief of the Flemish digital magazine Wave. (full text).

Lire en français: Le Peer to Peer, Vers un Nouveau Modèle de Civilisation, and its english short summary.

His books: on astore;


Integral Visioning;


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