Veronica (Neeka) Khokhlova – Russia

She is a journalist. She writes: I … ‘have lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg on and off since 2001′.

She writes: “I will write for Global Voices and I am really excited about that”, (found on the Liubisa Bojic Blog).

Found on Global Voices from her blog: Russia, User Guide … Monday, March 26, 2007 – This has been an eventful weekend, rally-wise. (In Minsk, Belarus, water cannons had to be used against several thousand citizens opposed to Aleksandr Lukashenko’s regime. In Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, it took some 20,000 police and military personnel to prevent yet another “Dissenters’ March” from happening. In Moscow, however, 3,000 riot police were called to guard 15,000 pro-Kremlin Nashi members during their celebration of Vladimir Putin’s seventh year as Russia’s president. Gallery owner Marat Guelman (LJ user galerist) got hold of Nashi booklet – and here’s what he thinks of it. (full text).

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Veronica (Neeka) Khokhlova – Russia

Go to her blog: NEEKA’S BACKLOG, an accumulation of uncompleted work, unsold stock, etc. to be dealt with.

Bio: I’m a Kyiv native; have lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg on and off since 2001; spent nearly three years in the United States, attending Rutgers University (1993-94) and doing my master’s in journalism at the University of Iowa (1996-98); from 1999 to 2001, an NGO job took me to all but two regions of Ukraine, more than once, by train. Marta, my wonderful baby daughter, was born in Kyiv on Dec. 1, 2005;
a year later, we’re all in Moscow again. A stay-at-home working mom, I blog at Neeka’s Backlog; my current photos are at Flickr; nearly 4,600 photos from Kyiv, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Istanbul are at Neeka’s FotoPage; my Global Voices translations are stored on Work Log; some of my pre-blog/non-blog work has been Filed Away.

She writes also: I keep having birth dreams now, sometimes more than one a night. The baby’s always different in them, but always perfect. In one of today’s dreams, I could finally see that lower part of my body that’s been concealed by the belly for so many months (and still is, in real life). That was pretty exciting. I can’t say I’m really impatient. More often, I just can’t believe that the changes ahead will really take place. Also, very often I wish time could stop for a while – I don’t feel I’m ready yet. I am pretty nervous about it all right now … On Tuesday, I felt I could take five times as many photos – if only that allowed me to keep the present routine … (Now that I’ve written this, I feel it’s all untrue: I can’t wait for the baby to arrive! Go figure) Thursday, November 24, 2005.

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