Martin Khor – Malaysia

Linked with Third World Network TWN, with Speech about Third World Economics, and with WTO, The New Threats to Developing Countries and Sustainability.

He is a journalist, economist and Director of the Third World Network which is based in Penang, Malaysia. He is active in the civil society movement. He has attended the World Social Forum (WSF 2003, 2002), european social forum (2004) [1] and in 1999 and 2000, the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

He says: ”the Rio process acknowledged a world environmental crisis and linked it to economic and development crises, focused on future and present needs, stressed equity in the environment and development debates, and promised aid to developing countries”. (sustainable developments).

See photos of ‘Fair Trade Fair and Symposium‘.

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Martin Khor – Malaysia

Martin Khor is the Director of Third World Network (TWN). “TWN is one of a number of non-governmental organizations in different parts of the world which are concerned with understanding and influencing global policy. In this capacity he has acted as a strong advocate on behalf of citizens’ groups in the Third World on a range of international issues, including sustainable development, biosafety and other environmental questions, and the impact of globalization on the developing prospects of the South.” ( – from bio in Martin Khor’s book “Rethinking Globalization”.) This article was distributed at the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Johannesburg, South Africa. – Read: WTO, The New Threats to Developing Countries and Sustainability … (full text).

Meeting the Climate Challenge: Recommendations of the International Climate Change Taskforce. Committee Members: Stephen Byers (Co-chair), Olympia Snowe (Co-chair), Bob Carr, John P. Holdren, Martin Khor Kok-Peng, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Claude Martin, Tony McMichael, Jonathon Porritt, Adair Turner, Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, Ni Weidou, Timothy E. Wirth, Cathy Zoi. (full text).

Bring Big Business to account: Martin Khor calls on WSSD to rectify the Rio Earth Summit’s failure to place binding obligations on transnational companies.

RETHINKING LIBERALISATION AND REFORMING THE WTO: Martin Khor’s Presentation at Davos – Below is the text of the presentation made by Martin Khor, Director of Third World Network, on 28 January 2000 at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. The actual presentation, which was made at a panel on “Can we take open markets for granted?”, was a short version of the full text … (read full long text).

Martin Khor, Director of Christian Aid partner the Third World Network, stresses the importance of the lobby and the campaign for trade justice. Listen to video-clip.

See: Some pictures from the WIPO Int’l Seminar on IP and Development, Friday 6th May, 2005.

Read: a page of the International Forum on Globalization.

Read: The Rushford Report, December 2004.


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