David Truskoff – USA

He says about himself: ” can be identified by bumps on head from ighting windmills Civil rights activist…anti-war activist…anti poverty activist and anti publisher rejection activist”, (on AuthorsDen.com).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, David Truskoff: At the end of World War II, David Truskoff returned to his hometown of Rutherford, New Jersey after being discharged from the US Navy with honor, commendations and dreams of a peaceful world. The naiveté was short lived. In 1948 he believed in and worked for Henry Wallace, the Progressive Party candidate. (users.erols.com).

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David Truskoff – USA

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With a communications degree in his hand, he entered the broadcast industry only to again find disappointment and the need to continue the fight for the democracy that FDR promised. During the McCarthy era it was not possible for him to survive in the broadcast industry. With a family to support, he began a successful career in the advertising business specializing in the making of TV commercials, but again found himself unable to remain in the make-believe world. To return to reality he answered the call to fight for the rights that American Veterans expected. As an Area Director for the American Friends Service Committee he was able to actively oppose the war in Vietnam and join Martin Luther King in his gallant crusade. He served as a security guard for the historic Selma to Montgomery Freedom March of 1965. David was the voice of Delta Radio during the Mississippi March in June of 1966 and participated in voter registration drives in dangerous areas of the south. The battle goes on in every one of his twelve books. (users.erols.com).

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