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Udo Ulfkotte (born 20 January 1960), in Lippstadt, Germany is a professor and journalist, renowned as a security and intelligence services expert, as well as a critic of Islamic extremism. His was formerly an editor for one of Germany’s main dailies, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

Dr. Ulfkotte studied jurisprudence and politics at Freiburg and London. He was an advisor to the Kohl government. Between 1986-1998, Ulfkotte lived predominantly in the Islamic states of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan. (full text about his work).

He says: ”Islam is slowly but surely taking a grip on the European culture, … traditional values, customs and judicial standards are gradually customized to meet Muslim requirements”. (full text).

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Udo Ulfkotte – Germany

He says also: “On the Interneht, Islamists celebrated the statements of the Office of the Prosecution in Frankfurt . Most of the media joined them in their triumph. Suddely I was a criminal. Old friends started avoiding me, neighbors started to refuse to accept packages for a “criminal”, and my wife lost her means of income. A picture of her offices from the outside appeared in a yellow-journalism newspaper and made sure that the clients of her accounting service were warned not to do business with a “criminal”. As her lease ran for another 12 months, my wife had to pay rent for a full year without income from clients, collateral damage from the German security authorities. At the same time, Lueneburg Universitry had decided to give me a full professorship. Now I have to wait for the criminal charges against me to be dismissed”. (full long text).

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