Khadija Al-Haisami (Khadigah Ahmad al-Haisami) – Yemen

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She is Minister of Human Rights in the Yemen Government, see the Yemen Embassy, London, and see also the Ministry of Human Rights of the Yemen Gov.

She is also:

  • the Dean of the National Institute for Administrative Sciences.
  • A professor of Political Sciences in Political Sciences section – Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University.
  • A vice-Manager of Women Studies Center, Sana’a University.
  • A member of censorship on printings and publications in the Ministry of Culture.
  • A professor in the following: International Relations, the Principles of Politics, Political Geography, Women and Development in the Faculty of Commerce and Economics and Women Studies Center.
  • A coordinator of women and development subject in Women Studies Center.
  • A supervisor on special studies and researches on women and development subject in Women Studies Center.
  • The first Yemeni lecturer in the Faculty of Command and General Staff in Sana’a (military college).
  • A founder member of The Gulf and Arab Island Union in Sana’a.
  • A local consultant in the Council of Environment Protection in the Cabinet.
  • A member in the Arab Teaching Staff Syndicate of in Sana’a.
  • A member in the Council of Olympic Committee Administration and the General Association in Sana’a.
  • A member in the National Organization of the Censorship on Elections in Sana’a.

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Khadija Al-Haisami (Khadigah Ahmad al-Haisami) – Yemen

She says: “It’s of crucial importance to pay closer attention to public rights and freedoms and it is important to reinforce a culture of human rights culture Yemenis and further social awareness by initiating a partnership between the ministry and civil society organisations in Yemen. To ensure the success of such an initiative the Ministry has signed an agreement with the European Union to initiate a joint project to develop the partnership between the Ministry and civil society organisations” … (Yemen Times).

She says also.: ” … to public rights and freedoms, particularly press freedoms, when discussing human rights issues. It’s the right of journalists to enjoy legal protection, which can’t be achieved unless there’s a legislative media environment complying with human rights principles”. (Yemen Times).

• Ph.D. in Political Sciences- International Relations Section, Republic of Egypt (1997).
• The master degree in Political Sciences- International Relations Section (1984).
• The bachelor degree in Political Sciences, Cairo University, Republic of Egypt (1980).
• Intensive course in Women and Development Studies in the Institution of the “Equator” Netherlands-Amsterdam. (full text-Bio).

Read: First training workshop on ESC rights in Yemen, March 29, 2007: Civil Society Organizations discusses economic, social and cultural rights. (full text).

Her publications:

  • “The Relationship Between Yemen And Saudi Arabia 1962-1980″ Salafi Library, Cairo, Republic of Egypt 1987,
  • A number of essays in 26th of September Newspaper from 1984 till 1997 Sana’a,
  • “The Geography as a Defined Part For The External Politics of Yemen” Althawabet Magazine 1997 Sana’a,
  • Currently, publishing the book of “The External Politics of Yemen Towards the Red Sea Area 1970-1990″ one of the issues of Althawabet Magazine, Sana’a,
  • A summary of the Ph.D dissertation in the magazine of the Faculty of Commerce and Economics, Sana’a University,
  • A research about “The Political Dimensions of the Economical Reform in Yemen” during the Second Economical Conference,
  • A special research about “The Condition of Women in Yemen in the Field of Development”,
  • A research about “The Mechanisms of Political Mobilization in the Arab Society”,
  • Researches about “Woman and Poverty in Yemen” submitted to the UNDP,
  • A special research about “How Women Treat the Environment and How to Protect It.”

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