Lidy Nacpil – Philippines

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She is the International Coordinator of Jubilee South, a network of anti-debt coalitions in more than 60 countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She also currently serves as vice president of Freedom from Debt Coalition in the Phillippines, the oldest organization working for debt cancellation since 1988. (

Lidy is also Vice-President of the Freedom from Debt Coalition in the Philippines and was previously its Secretary-General. Prior to that, Lidy was a student activist during the time of the Marcos dictatorship in the Philippines. A passionate political activist and feminist, she has campaigned on issues of debt, democratisation and citizenship for more than 20 years. (full text)

She says: “It is a lie that IFIs are giving loans to ‘poor’ countries because they need capital. It is a lie that the goal of these organizations is poverty reduction and development. It is business lending, pure and simple. And the biggest lie is lie of the ‘poor’ countries’ call them poor, developing, backward, whatever. We call them the Global South, not in geographical terms but as a term of reference. The fact is that as of today, more funds are flowing from the Global South to the North than vice versa. The powerful countries are financing us with our own money. The so called poor countries are not poor at all, they are supplying huge amounts of riches to the rich and powerful countries, while unable to retain any for themselves. If this plunder of the South stops, the so called poor countries would not have any need for loans”. June 9, 2006. (full text).

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Lidy Nacpil – Philippines

As the G8 Closes … , June 8, 2007.

She says also: “The G-8 governments claim to support calls for responsible behavior by lenders like vulture funds,” Lidy Nacpil, of Jubilee South, said in a statement. “But the G-8 must recognize that the issue of irresponsible lending and illegitimate debt begins first and foremost with themselves”. (full text).

And she says: “While the international community is moving to bring Liberian dictator Charles Taylor to justice for his crimes against humanity, the G8 is delaying the debt relief that Taylor´s victims urgently need to rebuild their war torn country.” Said Lancedell Mathews of the New African Research and Development Agency, a representative of the country’s platform of Development NGOs. “The G8 must cancel Liberia’s debt now” … // … and: “These loans were used to finance the extraction of the country’s resources like iron ores and diamonds, the benefits of which went to investors, creditors and brutal regimes, not the people of Liberia, … The Liberian people suffered countless Human Rights violations like torture, forceful displacements, physical mutilation. The debts are clearly illegitimate and must be written off immediately,” she continued, June 8, 2007. (full text).

Illegitimate Debt Campaign Bulletin, May 31, 2007.


Don’t Owe, Won’t Pay! from G8 summit 2007).

Dept and Power, Jubilee Dept Campaign, presented as html, April 8, 2006.

Treasuring Every Drop, Water Privatization and the Urban Poor, 60 pdf pages, June 2005.

Taking Stock of Water Privatization in the Philippines, The Case of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage, System (MWSS), 73 pdf pages, december 2004.

Debt, GATS and the Privatization of Water, by Mae Buenaventura, Bubut Palattao and Lidy Nacpil, 15 pdf pages, 2003.

THE POLICY ROOTS OF ECONOMIC CRISIS AND POVERTY, A Multi-Country Participatory Assessment of Structural Adjustment, Based on Results of the Joint World Bank/Civil Society/Government, Structural Adjustment Participatory Review Initiative (SAPRI) and the Citizens’ Assessment of Structural Adjustment (CASA). Prepared by the Structural Adjustment Participatory Review International Network (SAPRIN), 197 pdf pages, First Edition, April 2002.


Should the World Bank and IMF be “Fixed” or “Nixed”;

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