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Ansage: 3sat, Sonntag, 01.07., Show/Talkshow 09:15 – 10:15 Uhr, Indische Philosophien: Der Indologe, Theologe und Jesuit Francis X. D’Sa gibt Einblick in die philosophischen Traditionen Indiens.

Prof Dr Francis X D’Sa SJ has been a Professor of Indian Religions and Theology of Religion at the Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth [Pontifical Athenaeum], Pune since 1973. From 1975 he has been a regular visiting Professor at Universities in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In addition, Dr D’Sa is a guest Lecturer at several other academic Institutions in Europe. Since April 2003 he occupies the Chair for Missionswissenschaft und Dialog der Religionen in the Faculty for Catholic Theology at the University of Würzburg, Germany. (full text).

He says: ”We have to accept every colour of the rainbow to see the light”.

He says also: “Media-presentations about the relationships between the diverse cultures are increasingly speaking of an imminent clash of cultures. But prior to any clash is the fact of misunderstanding the “other” and the failure to build bridges. Hence apart from goodwill there is an urgent need to understand the dynamics that are at work in socio-economic and cultural interconnections. It is important to discern between the chaff of rhetoric and the wheat of reality. This is the precondition for discovering the rich but hidden potential inherent in intercultural communication. The dialogue of cultures, experts agree, is unavoidable if we wish to tread the path to peace. Only dialogue can help preserve the uniqueness of a culture in the rainbow of cultures. The question that arises in this context: Can the ordinary citizen contribute to such a dialogue of cultures”. (full text).

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Francis X. D’Sa – India

Christians must revise their self-perceptions before they can engage in “common witness,” says Father Francis X. D’Sa, a Jesuit noted for his contributions to interreligious dialogue for more than 40 years. … He is a lecturer at various academic institutions in Europe and is a professor in Indian Religions and Theology of Religion at the Pontificium Athenaeum, in Pune, India. His constant goal has been to make Hindu traditions intelligible to Catholics and Christian perspectives understandable to Hindus. Father D’Sa has helped start two projects in rural areas of India: MAHER for battered women and their children, and ISHWARI to train young village women. (full text).

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His publications:
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Publications of the De Nobili Research Library: PDNRL No. 7
Francis X. D’Sa: Śabdaprāmāṇyam in Śabara and Kumārila. Towards a Study of the Mīmāṃsā Experience of Language. 1980, 218p. EUR 23.00.

curriculum vitae in german von Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Francis X. D’Sa.

Die indische Philosophie ist ein Baum mit vielen Ästen und erkundet, wie wir die Welt wahrnehmen und welchen Platz wir darin einnehmen. Es geht um Einsicht und Befreiung. Die frühesten Zeugnisse philosophischen Denkens finden sich in Indien bereits 1500 vor Christus. In der «Sternstunde Philosophie» gibt der Indologe, Theologe und Jesuit Francis X. D’Sa Einblick in die philosophischen Traditionen Indiens und deren Begegnung mit anderen Kulturen und Religionen. Francis X. D’Sa ist als Christ in Pune mit Hindus und Muslimen aufgewachsen und hat später ein eigenes Modell für ein Miteinander der Kulturen entwickelt. Literaturhinweis: Francis X. D’Sa: «Regenbogen der Offenbarung. Das Universum des Glaubens und das Pluriversum der Bekenntnisse». IKO – Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Frankfurt am Main 2006. (full text).

Sein neustes Buch: das Universum des Glaubens und das Pluriversum der Bekenntnisse, 2006.

Lies: zwischen Babel und Indien.

Ehrendoktor für Francis X. D´Sa: Der Fachbereich Katholische Theologie der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main verleiht am 30. November 2006 Professor Dr. Francis X. D’Sa SJ die Ehrendoktorwürde in Anerkennung seiner großen Verdienste um eine interkulturelle Theologie und den Dialog der Religionen. (full text).


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