Kate Adoo Adeku – Ghana

Linked with Gender poverty and sustainable environmental management, with Change in Adult Education, and with African Women Pioneeres / Femmes Africa Solidarité.

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

It is said: “Good human relations, that are a very important aspect of the African culture, have made Kate one of the most distinguished in her field of operation”.

and Principal/Senior Lecturer (Institute of Adult Education, University of Ghana, Legon); B.A. (Political Science), University of Ghana, Legon; M.Phil. (Adult Education), University of Ghana, Legon.

Ghana News Agency quoted Kate Adoo-Adeku, a member of SWAA as saying that although laws existed in various countries, the peculiar nature of the AIDS epidemic and the violations of the rights of infected people warranted the enactment of specific legal interventions to deal with the impact of HIV/AIDS. (full text).

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Sorry, I can not find any photo that I can copy of Kate Adoo Adeku, Ghana (see also my comment ‘Brave women without photos‘).

She works for the Society for Women Against AIDS in Africa SWAA, for the Institute of Adult Education at the University of Ghana (scroll down to item 22), for Peace Now, and for ‘Population and Development PAD’.

Professor Kate Adoo Adeku (60) is a courageous lady who grew up in a small farming community. She not only teaches but is also active in different non-governmental organizations (see above).
Since she was 12, Kate Adoo Adeku took several actions with the intention of changing the situation of her sisters in rural and urban communities for a better quality of life.

During her term as executive director of the NGO Population and Development, Ms Adeku supported and participated in the training of trainers of the National Literacy Program in the 10 regions of Ghana. She coordinated a community education and development programme that involved more than 15 communities. This experience allowed for men and women to become literate and learn management of funds which consequently contributed to the reduction of poverty. From that time, her name was known by everyone in some rural communities of GA to the west of the District of the Ghana. Many women benefited from her activities. Many, today, can read and write and also have the confidence to be themselves.

Through access to advanced courses that Kate runs at the Institute of Adult Education, many adults (more than a thousand) have important posts in national development. In addition, a distance course on counseling and protection against HIV / AIDS that she directs at national level attracts more than 800 participants from across Ghana. Among them are doctors, nurses, ministers, social workers, students and teachers. The program increased the national response in the management of HIV / Aids. On the whole, many people in the formal and informal sectors of Ghana have benefited from her work in professional adult education and as an actor in the prevention of HIV / Aids.

Her big problem is how to reconcile her humanitarian work with managing a household. Fortunately she has a husband who supports her and her children are grown up. She travels often to work on programs in rural and urban areas.

Kate Adoo Adeku’s work at the Institute of Adult Education, influenced certain institutions of the sub-region, especially distance courses on counseling and protection against HIV / Aids. A South African university has already expressed its willingness to work with her institute on similar programs on the management of HIV / Aids to higher level.

She has published articles in academic magazines and newspapers, among them:

  • The Ghanaian newspaper on adult education on functional literacy development in Ghana;
  • Ghanaian newspaper of literacy in adult education: Volume 1 number 1, 1992 for use on radio and television for adult education in Ghana.;
  • Newspaper on African education, 1992, Volume 4 number 2;
  • Domestic violence: Some case studies in Ghana;
  • Journal of the Center for Socio-political Studies (CSPS) flight Volume 1 number 1, 2000;
  • Women and Economies, the case for Women in the Informal Sector;
  • ‘Green Hill’, Newspaper special edition, research article 2003.

The extraordinary woman has, with her daily work, positively influenced the lives of many people who had the opportunity to follow her counsel. Good human relations, that are a very important aspect of the African culture, have made Kate one of the most distinguished in her field of operation. (1000PeaceWomen).




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