Jianhua Wang – China

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “To this, my whole heart I have given, and from it, not a rock I shall keep. Tao Xin Zhi, the great educator, has shown us the way. We shall only do better”.

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Jianhua Wang – China

She works for the Xin Zhi Women’s Vocational School.

Wang Jianhua is one of the most influential people in private education in China. Since quitting her government job in 1989, she has invested every penny of her own and her family’s to establish the Xin Zhi Women’s Vocational School, which caters especially for young women from villages and rural areas. In the past 15 years the school has helped thousands of young women to find jobs, enabling them to pursue their dreams.

Wang Jianhua resigned from the government in July 1989 to establish the first private vocational high school in Zhejiang Province, the Xin Zhi Women Vocational School. It was the first of its kind in China at that time. After fifteen years of hard work, it is now a medium-sized vocational education organization, which integrates education, scientific research and job placement.

Enrolment has risen from 70 to almost 3,000, while the size of campus increased from zero to 30,000 square meters. It is now one of the top 50 private schools in China and the best private school in Zhejiang Province.

Before this, Wang had a highly desirable job as a public servant. In 1978, she was assigned to the Qu Zhou Wax paper Factory to work as the deputy secretary of the factory committee and a committee member of the Qu Zhou Communist Youth League. In 1985, she was selected by the organizational division of Qu Zhou Municipal City Party Committee to attend the ‘Zhejiang Junior-Cadre Advance Training Program’. At that time, Wang, in her twenties, had the brightest future ahead.

Wang followed her belief that life is beautiful, but not endless, materialism is not an end for one’s life. Rather, one should beyond thenorm and make an impact on society.

Resigning, fund-raising, hiring teachers, recruiting students and renting places. Wang Jianhua, the baby-carrying educator, stepped into the rough yet hopeful journey of women’s education.

At first the school had comparatively weak students to start with, and they did not have confidence in themselves. Wang felt that moral education needed to be the priority. The school adopted an approach of ‘people-oriented education’ with the motto, ‘truth-seeking in teaching and truth-nature in living’. The school does not aim at elite education, but rather at quality education for the general public. Wang stresses on the organic integration of student development and classroom teaching.

Besides, a coordinated management system, which allows for clear job responsibilities for various units of the school has provided a rounded environment for students. Classroom teaching, campus management, study environment and services are all essential for the success of education.

The purpose of a vocational school is to provide quality graduates who can put concepts innovatively into practice. For this, Wang has put professional equipment in place, as well as creatively designed the curricula, teaching facilities and methods. She also promotes the idea that teaching and learning should be innovative, creative, practical and diversified, as she believes that ‘creative teaching teaches creativeness’. By integrating practical knowledge and innovativeness, students can develop their strength and personalities, as well as their ability to creatively put what they have learned into practice.

As the principal of a private-run school, Wang Jianhua has never taken a cent of financial support from the government, neither for building the school nor for the operating costs. She has insisted on charging an affordable tuition, and exploring a feasible financial model for privately run schools. “Not a penny spent when it shouldn’t be. Not a penny less when it ought to be”. She always says about the budget.

Wang is always active and independent in the pursuit of development. In Qu Zhou, her school is the first private school. In Zhejiang Province, her school is the first to form an affiliation network for vocational education resources. In China, her school is the first to offer public relation and management studies, the first to install computers in the dormitory, the first to promise tuition refund for unemployed graduates, and the first to utilize bank loans.

Wang Jianhua, the principal of almost 3,000 students, is never too far away from the teaching podium. She teaches one to two classes for the sake of knowing her students better. Her diary is always full and well organized. She once said, “To this my whole heart I have given, and from it not a rock I shall keep. Mr. Tao Xin Zhi, the great educator, has shown us the way. We shall only do better”!?

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