Daofu Chen – China

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “The value of the news lies in truth. The harmony of the community lies in goodness. The pursuit of life lies in beauty”.

She works for the Economic Daily, for the China Association of Female Entrepreneurs (named on China.org.cn), and for the Capital Association of Women Reporters.

Chen Daofu is editor of Economic Daily, director of the China Association of Female Entrepreneurs, and director of the Capital Association of Women Reporters.

She has been working as a journalist for 20 years and has persisted in maintaining professional ethics, that is, the principle of taking on-the-spot interviews to obtain information.

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Daofu Chen – China

She always pays attention to vulnerable sectors of the population such as peasants and national minorities. She is also concerned about China’s situation since the reform and opening-up, such as the quality of its entrepreneurs.

She is also concerned about China’s situation since the reform and opening up, particularly the quality of entrepreneurs. She founded the China Association of Female Entrepreneurs together with her friends to provide a fair and open working space for female entrepreneurs in the commercial community.

Chen was sent to work in the minority area in Northeast China as an urban youth. This helped her develop a good understanding of the situation of the poor. She found many extended families living in humble shanties when she was reporting from Harbin in Heilongjiang Province in 1992.

The shanties were congested, less than a meter apart from each other with piles of waste lying around that made the area unsafe, yet there was barely space for fire engines to drive through. To prevent fires, the residents did not light coal stoves on windy days. Chen brought this to the attention of the authorities through the press and as a result the shanties were soon removed, and the living conditions of more than 100 households greatly improved.

In 2003, nearly 50,000 rural women were organized to go from Zhoukou in Henan Province to Xinjiang Province to pick cotton. Chen went to Henan and Xinjiang Provinces to make on-the-spot investigations in spite of being quite unwell. In Zhoukou, she interviewed peasant households. In Xinjiang Production and Construction Crops, she interviewed cotton-picking women in several companies in four divisions. She picked cotton together with the women and shared meals with them.

She published several articles based on her investigations in Economic Daily. These included Zhoukou Mode out of Cotton Picking, Increase in Peasant Income from Cooperation Between Middle and West China, Discussion about Zhoukou on Return from a Cotton-Picking Trip, and Notes on Five Cities North of the Great Wall.

In her reports, she recommends new methods and feasible modes for orderly export of labor services and income increase for surplus labor especially for rural women in poor areas.

Disregarding altitude sickness, traffic difficulties, and diet differences, she went for an on-the-spot nvestigation and interview of the Mosuo people, a national minority in Yunnan Province who still retain their matriarchal traditions, and live at an altitude of nearly 5000 meters. A Mosuo girl, Tsaldom, said “You are the first woman journalist from Beijing we have ever met.” The Mosuo people have become the focus of attention in society and an upsurge of research on them has begun in the academia since then.

Chen also takes it as her mission to represent the social reality to the public in the news. As early as 1995, she has written a series of reports and put forward a series of problems that have become important topics in society today. In “Medicine’s Word”, she appealed to the authorities concerned to implement drug security and production supervision and management. In “Agriculture is the Great Thing”. she proposed enterprise-style agriculture development mode. In “Refining Metal and Stone”, she raised the question of energy.

Chen is also concerned about the growth of Chinese entrepreneurs, enterprise management, and building of entrepreneur teams. She was aware that female entrepreneurs had become a significant force in the economic development in China at the end of the 1980s.

She also started a special edition and produced a special issue on female entrepreneurs in the magazine Chinese Entrepreneur. As editor in chief she was keen to recognize and encourage the achievements of female entrepreneurs in the commercial community, but while she was appreciative of their achievements, she was also critical of some aspects.

Chen feels that the political, cultural and personal quality of entrepreneurs needed to be improved and in order to do this, she added a column, “Famous Entrepreneurs Talk about Entrepreneurs” to the magazine Chinese Entrepreneurs. She invited many well known entrepreneurs to talk about their lives and achievements. (1000PeaceWomen).

Sorry, there are many other persons in the internet named Daofu Chen, but the given descriptions lets me think it would not be the wanted person.

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