Berhane Tewolde Medhin – Switzerland

Update: Our Secretary in 2011:

.Berhane Tewelde-Medhin 2011 - 20p. still hard working in 2011


Voir aussi sa présentation sur son Development Blog, au 25 Octobre 2007.


He is the secretary of our Geneva Office since September 2005.

Nationality: Eritrean


1991-1993, Certificate/Sociology of the 3rd World, Faculty of Economic & Social Sciences, University of Geneva,  Geneva

1974, Prince Bede Mariam Laboratory School/ Haile Selassie I University (HSIU), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Administrative Experiences at the Loacal &  Internatiional Level

1992-1994,  Board Member, Eritrean Community  Centre of Geneva, Switzerland

1994-1998, Assistant Project Coordinator, African Commission on Health & Human Rights Promoters, Geneva, ECOSOC Status 1995

1995-2005,  Representative to United Nations Office in Geneva, International Committee for the Respect of the  African Charter on Human & Peoples’ Rights (ICRAC), ECOSOC Status 2002

1996-2000,  Representative to the  United Nations Office  in Geneva, African Bureau on Educational Sciences, Specialized Agency of the Organisation of African Unity ( OAU)

2000-Present,  Adviser, Espace Afrique International, Geneva, ECOSOC Status 2007,

1995-Present  Asst-Secretary General, Interfaith International, Geneva, ECOSOC Status 1998

2005-Present, Secretary, Asian Eurasian Human Rights Forum, Geneva

2005-Present, Staff Support  Member, Geneva Institute for  Human Rights, (GIHR), Geneva

2007-Present,  Representative to the  United Nations Office in Geneva, Al-Hakim Foundation, ECOSOC Status 2007

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