Florentine Bodo Ramambasoa – Madagascar

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “I will focus on building a democratic culture where everyone can contribute to national development. Education and an improved economic situation will create better lives for everyone”.

She is also named on political heroes.

She says also: “In an effort to coordinate their activities, women organizations came together under the National Council of Women, DRV. They aimed at sensitizing directors/leaders and the populace to the need to promote peace and justice. The action became a catalyst to other movements, like that led by the Protestant Church and several NGOs to raise public awareness on several development issues, including justice, peace, environment, globalization and gender”.

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Sorry, I can not find any photo of Florentine Bodo Ramambasoa, Madagascar (see also my comment ‘Brave women without photos‘).

She works for the Women National Council,
for the Association For The Well Being Of The Family, ‘The Health Of The Mother’ (Fianakaviana Sambatra, or FISA, named on WISER EARTH, and on UN info service Vienna).

Florentine Ramambasoa, a 66-year-old Florentine Ramambasoa, lives in Antananarivo, Madagascar and is the widow of the late Joseph Ramambasoa, a former Grand Chancellor of the Republic of Madagascar.

She has worked as a member of various organizations since 1967. She recently became the national coordinator of DRV, a coalition of women associations which focuses on the rehabilitation of women, human rights, women’s rights, gender, ecumenism, and reproductive health. Florentine directly contacts beneficiaries, mediates and uses participatory management in her work. She also lobbies decision makers to raise awareness and funds. Colleagues who work in family planning associations around Africa emulate her.

She has worked as a member of diverse organizations, focusing on population and health but with a bias towards women’s development. Florentine notes that during the last three decades, the socio-economic and political situation in Madagascar has worsened, due to three major political crises. This has increased poverty and general moral and cultural decline, creating tension and conflict.

This situation prompted the creation of NGOs. Subsequently, an active civil society began to check political excesses, she says, The objective was to use the society to reject regimes judged as unjust and create a better society for the benefit of all.

Mrs. Ramambasoa recently became the national coordinator of DRV, whose membership also includes the Ecumenical Organisation of Christian Women. She is a co-founder and board member of both organizations. Her work ethic involves direct contact with beneficiaries, mediation and use of participatory project management. She targets the masses and insists on their effective participation in the implementation of projects. She also lobbies decision makers to raise awareness and funds.

Florentine works in the field of human rights and particularly women rights. She is a founder member of ‘Fianakaviana Sambatra’ FISA, Association for the Well Being of the Family and the Health of the Mother.

Through Mrs. Ramambasoa’s efforts the association has set up a Training Center, Tabita (FJKM), which provides resource persons to assist the churches, NGOs, and the grass root organizations.

Training is conducted in various fields, including leadership, management, project development, information on the national Document on Poverty Reduction Strategy (DSRP), advocacy for human rights and human dignity, peace and justice.

The Tabita Center (FJKM) aims to contribute to community mobilization, engage in a continuous innovating process and respond to expectations in human rights, justice, democracy, as well as peace and development.

The Women’s association also managed to formalize progressively a partnership between the government, local and customary authorities, and NGOs on diverse national, regional and communal levels in order to implement a network for the promotion of ‘Fihavanana’ – fraternity and solidarity, coordinated by Tabita (FJKM).

Her work in family planning dates back to 1963, when state intervention was indifferent or hostile. Mrs. Ramambasoa defended the idea that family planning is a fundamental human right and is an integral part of women’s emancipation. During that period taboos and traditional customs were against informing the masses about family planning.

Since 1967, she has progressively managed to rally the public into accepting changes. Alliances were created with religious, social and professional as well as community groups to constitute an active force for the promotion of family planning as a necessity for social and judicial reform.

After training in Cotonu, Benin, she set up the Centre for Family Orientation (COF), in Antananarivo in 1983, with branches in all the provinces. She promoted the well-being of the family and the mother as a development priority, counteracting the negative perception towards contraception.

The center’s activities focused on family education, handicrafts, tailoring, sanitary and nutritional follow up, culinary courses. She initiated a system for volunteerism, which made the program a success.

In recognition of her service to family planning in Africa and promotion of the objectives of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, she was awarded the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Merit Certificate.

Mrs. Ramambas aspires to create a better world for all. “I am motivated to continue working in conflict prevention and resolution, in education for responsible citizenship, and to promote income generating activities for the poor”, she says. “Through my relations at the state level and with international and religious organizations, fundraising organizations, such as USAID, Cooperation Française, Foundation Friedrich Ebert Stifung, IPPF, my professional contacts and my family. I have managed to plead for causes that improved the well being of all”.

She is also involved with religious organizations in Madagascar such as the Jesus Christ Church, Protestant Federation, Christian Church Council, the All African Church Conference, the Church World Mission (CWM), and the Global Reformed Alliance, where she is an executive member.

Presently, Mrs. Ramambasoa says she is “preparing an ecumenical project whose objective is to establish abetter understanding between religious denominations”.

As for the future, “I will focus on strengthening a democratic culture which allows significant contribution for national development. Through education and improvement of people’s economic situation, we will create a better life for the rural population”. She wis’s Center for Peace.

“There is need for such a body because women around the world endure the consequences of injustice, conflict and violence. They are also the key agents of unity and peace, and they can constitute a source of hope for humanity”. (1000PeaceWomen).

Quality Of Care Newsletter, IPPF.

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