Muhammad Anwar Dar – Pakistan

Linked with The GIFT University, and with The Rosni Homes Trust.

Mr. Muhammad Anwar Dar is a renowned personality of Gujranwala. He chairs a progressive business organization, the Dollar East Group that has a diversified portfolio and operates in the areas of financial services, stock market, education and poultry medicines. He is a person strongly committed to the welfare of the people of his native region and has been strenuously working for their uplift, particularly the youth. He envisions emergence of Gujranwala and its environs as an affluent and progressive region contributing towards the progress of the country. (full text).

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Muhammad Anwar Dar – Pakistan

He says (about GIFT University): ”We are promoting opportunities for learning and sharing best practices. We are deeply committed to our values of lifelong learning as a premier educational institution. These values and commitment are inherent in each and every alumnus, in our faculty, administration and staff. Our co-curricular activities and programmes enhance life long learning, foster personal growth and develop leadership qualities. We remain committed to excellent teaching that prepares students for the changing economic, social, and moral challenges of our society”.

President’s speech echoed at annual general assembly meeting of NGO group for CRC, Switzerland. (full text).

A revolution begins with a great idea. In the case of GIFT University, it was the vision of the Chairman, Mr. Muhammad Anwar Dar and his associates, who wanted to provide the country with gifted people instead of degree toting individuals. That is why he named this institute as GIFT University for all those who seek to become enlightened individuals rather than be a part of the spoon-fed educated population. (full text).

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Roshni Homes is a private charitable trust being run by a Board of Trustees. Roshni Homes is devoted towards housing and educating the orphaned-abandoned children of the community. Roshni Homes believes equal treatment and non-discriminatory practices and cares for children regardless of race or creed. We help children who are orphaned or abandoned, and we give these children an opportunity to build lasting relationships within a family. We provide care and education to enable these children to become active members of their community. (full text).

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