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CONDOLENCE ON DEMISE OF NISHIKANT WAGHMARE, published on Ambedkar, Letters, (scroll far down until TRIBUTE TO NISHIKANT WAGHMARE): Editor,, September 12, 2008, with condolences letters.


Linked with Vision India – Together We Can, and with A Vision for 21st Century. Added end of September 2007: and linked with the Goi Peace Foundation, with Airline, with the World Peace Prayer Society, and with Nancy Rivard – USA.

He is a determined self-made man, who had chosen to become his own path finder on the road to success and fame. This is the story of the poor boy from the village called Khed (Satara) M.S. India, Who had the pride and pragmatism to make good his Dreams … (full long BIO-text).

He says: ”RACIST MEDIA is worst than the South African Apartheid, who as a matter of convenience put lid on dalit issues–atrocities and their rallies, particularly blacking out the Dhamma Pravartan News, when news rooms of BBC is giving the widespread news. It is disgrace to take a birth and call an Indian Dalit. Politicians are impotent as well”! (full text).

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Nishikant Waghmare – India

He works for the Goi Peace Foundation, Japan, for the World Peace Prayer Society, also as Government Officer, and for the Airline

He says also: “World Peace Starts from ‘You’. With all the fighting, wars and terrorist attacks, is world peace still possible in our lifetime? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It is ‘yes’ if most people in this world say ‘yes’ to peace and ‘no’ to war, hatred and discrimination, and view differences of other people with compassion and empathy. The answer is ‘no’ if you think world peace is the sole responsibility of world leaders, governments, peace activists, or anyone but you. World peace can begin only from within—within the hearts of individuals. Anyone can contribute to world peace by making peace with himself through meditation and thereby developing compassion even toward people who have mistreated him. We can spread peace and joy to others and forgive people who have wronged us only if we have enough peace and joy in our hearts”, April 8, 2007. (

Read these texts by Nishikant Waghmare:

As Indians we must have one motto: “One People! One Nation ! One India!” Now, let us look back at the Indian society. In villages where 81% of Indians live untouchability is practiced. Do untouchables get drinking water? Do they socialize like others? Have their Human Rights violations- rapes, beatings, and cold blooded murders stopped? Will they get justice in their lifetime? The fact is that although a Dalit has made it to the post of the President of India Mr. K. R.Narayannan (1997-2002), but the condition of Dalits remains unchanged. The scourge of untouchbility prevails in India. (60 Minuties the CBS story was anchored By Christine Amanpour in 1999). (republished full text, July 28, 2007).


He writes … I hope all political parties must think big. Otherwise there in no future left for future generations. All leaders must forego their egos and work together for the development of India. It is my hope and prayer that we will always live a happy, and peaceful life based on non-violence, truth, equality, love, and compassion as taught to us by Buddha. India has the men and women to rise to the challenge and ensure a future of racial harmony. A clever person cannot achieve self-realization, which comes only to a wise person. Wisdom and compassion is the way forward. (on

Bio (3 excerpts, September 10, 2004):

  • Education: (He) studied in Mumbai University History and Political Science;
  • Attended First Dalit Seminar Organized by Ministry of Welfare, Government of India, at Colombia University in New York and Nehru Center London … ;
  • Born in 1948 he got married in 1975 to Nishat (Ms. Kusum T.Rane) who is a Higher Secondary High School Teacher. Nishikant has two children, a daughter Namrata and a son Nirant (Studying in the USA).
  • (full long text).

Read: Poverty, Terrorism, Justice and Peace, June 2002.

He writes (about the subject ‘Who are the real dalit of India?’): More than 160 million people in India are considered Untouchable people tainted by their birth into a caste system that deems them impure, less than human. Human rights abuses against these people, known as Dalits, are legion. A random sampling of headlines in mainstream Indian newspapers tells their story: “Dalit boy beaten to death for plucking flowers”; “Dalit tortured by cops for three days”; “Dalit ‘witch’ paraded naked in Bihar”; “Dalit killed in lock-up at Kurnool”; “7 Dalits burnt alive in caste clash”; “5 Dalits lynched in Haryana”; “Dalit woman gang-raped, paraded naked”; “Police egged on mob to lynch Dalits”. India’s Untouchables are relegated to the lowest jobs, and live in constant fear of being publicly humiliated, paraded naked, beaten, and raped with impunity by upper-caste Hindus seeking to keep them in their place. Merely walking through an upper-caste neighborhood is a life-threatening offense. Nearly 90 percent of all the poor Indians and 95 percent of all the illiterate Indians are Dalits, according to figures presented at the International Dalit Conference that took place May 16 to 18 in Vancouver, Canada. Posted by Nishikant Waghmare, Mumbai,India, 25-OCT-05. (on, scroll down).

Look at the

B.R. Ambedkara’s Contribution To Buddhist Education In India, Febr. 15, 2007: “There is no equality in Hinduism. Narrating an incident that happened with Gandhi, Dr. Ambedkar said, ‘I once went to see Gandhiji. Gandhiji told me that he believed in chaturvarna.’What kind of chaturvarna’? I enquired, pointing towards my hand with the little finger in the bottom and thumb on the top or this way – with the palm lying flat on the surface of the table and fingers lying side by side. What do you mean? By the Chaturvarna? Where does it begins and where does it ends?’, I asked Gandhiji. Gandhiji could not reply”. (full text).


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