Harsh Dobhal – India

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He is a journalist writing on concerns of Human Rights.

He writes: Mumbai wants to get rid of its poor as fast as possible. Demolish their homes, throw them out, intimidate them and if they demonstrate against state atrocities, beat them up, arrest them and put them in jail. On April 6, Maharashtra police, always precise and prompt when it comes to hitting the poor very hard, brutally lathicharged thousands of demonstrators protesting against recent slum demolition drive which has displaced about 3.5 lakh people in Mumbai. Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar, leading the protest, was once again humiliated, beaten, dragged and put in police station. About 22 others were arrested under non-bailable sections while over 50 were injured, including women and children, some of them seriously. (Combat Law).

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Harsh Dobhal – India

He works for Combat Law, the Human Rights Magazine.

He writes also: I was last week in an India-oriented Israeli festival called ‘Boomba-Mela.” The name derives from Kumbh-Mela+Boom-Bolay (Shiva). Some 30,000 people gathered on a Mediterranean beach away from the city for four-days, among them ganjeris, charasis, musicians, painters, writers, poets, other artists and people from all walks of life. Many of them kind of hippies of 60s –youngsters, their bodies tattooed, pierced and naked limbs painted in beautiful colors. Amid soft sounds of sea waves, heavy midnight music blurred out to the tune of ‘Om Namah Shivayah,’ ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hareh’ and ‘Krishna Krishna’… (full text).

And he writes: … Like Vietnam, Iraq has reached a point of no return. Even veteran war-monger (branded by critics as a ‘war criminal’ who should be tried) Henry Kissinger has woken up and claimed that a military victory in Iraq is impossible. The same man had written in August 2005 that “victory over the insurgency is the only meaningful exit strategy” … (full long text).

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