Yinxiu Zhu – China

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “I have no regrets and I will fight again against such injustice in the future”.

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Yinxiu Zhu – China

Zhu Yinxiu, a brave peasant laborer, appealed against the township government’s ill-treatment of her family’s arbitrary fines, detentions and searches, and infliction of personal injuries. The incident was exposed in the media and the arbitrary levies on peasants were corrected to a large extent.

Zhu Yinxiu’s brother-in-law, migrant worker Chen Jiabao, returned to his home in Anfu, Jiangxi Province during the SARS period in China. His family reported his return to the local township government since anyone coming in had to be quarantined for a certain time because of the SARS epidemic. Several officials visited and imposed a fine of 1,000 yuan without any reason.

The family was helpless, they pleaded with the officials, even trying to bargain with them, but to no avail. Finally the amount was decided at somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 yuan, but the family did not have the money to pay right away and neither could they arrange for a loan in such a short period. The cadres threatened to take away their cattle.

Chen Jiabao safely passed the quarantine period during which the cadres returned twice to demand the fine. Chen Jiabao could not arrange for the money since he was quarantined and the cadres took away the cattle and one of the motorcycles without giving a receipt or indicating the equivalent value of either in cash. Zhu wanted to take some photos as evidence.

The officials quickly called for more personnel from the township government and the police station. They threatened to take away Chen Jiabao according to the regulations applicable for SARS. They also attempted to rob Zhu of her camera. The family and the cadres clashed.

The police arrested Chen Jiabao and Chen Jialai, Zhu’s husband. Chen Jialai was handcuffed and taken to the police station for interrogation where he was searched for the keys to his house. Finding the keys on him they searched the house but failed to find the camera. They drove away instead with the newly purchased agricultural vehicle of the family.

One evening, Zhu and her husband were taken to the offices of the township government. Zhu had to surrender the camera and hand in a behavior review. Chen Jialai refused to review his behavior and was beaten up. Zhu’s motorcycle was taken away. The cadres claimed Chen Jialai’s house had an overlarge floor area and they would fine him for his.

Struck by this calamity, Zhu Yinxiu’s life had been turned upside down. The family had not yet cleared the debt for the newly purchased vehicle. Zhu says, “My family and I had no peace. The township government had taken all the keys to the house. We could not leave the house in the day or sleep soundly at night, fearful that someone could easily break into the house. We had no source of income since the newly purchased vehicle was taken away”.

Chen Jialai visited the township government more than 20 times, attempting to bring back his articles. However, the cadres claimed that they wouldn’t return the vehicle unless Chen apologized to them for his aggressive behavior.

Zhu couldn’t accept this injustice happening in China under the rule of law. She decided to appeal against it. On learning of the appeal the township government spread a rumor that Chen Jialai could be imprisoned for two or three years. Zhu did not waver in her resolve and started to report her humiliation and abuse to the media in China. She had worked in a bookstore for a year when she worked in the town and had subscribed to the Reader magazine after she returned to the village. She wrote to them. Relatives and friends discouraged Zhu from appealing. The family tried to find an acquaintance in the township government.

A month later, the village secretarial assistant also went to the township government to beg for leniency for Chen Jialai. Chen Jialai’s behavior review eventually got accepted after he made his 8th revision. The township government fined him 2,300 yuan on the spot and then returned his vehicle to him.

On the other hand, Zhu’s writing to the media for help started to produce results, China Youth Daily published the story on a full page. The Anfu city government gave two urgent circulars immediately, stating that the migrant workers returning home shall not be subjected to any arbitrary observation fee, check-up fee, isolation fee, deposit, or guarantee money by any township or village government, and the collected fees and personal articles must be returned immediately. The arbitrary charges were corrected to a large extent and the economic burden on the local peasants was alleviated. The cadres involved in the incident were transferred to other townships.

Zhu and her husband have bought a vehicle and work on transportation in Guangdong Province now. She says, “I have no regrets and I will fight again against such injustice in the future”.

Zhu has fought oppression and refused to compromise with bullies. Her insistent appeals have brought misuse of power by the township government to the attention of the public. She has fought and won the battle against injustice. (1000PeaceWomen).

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