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Currently, C.T. lives in Takoma Park, Maryland with his friends who are creating a Green intentional community. He is a father, an author, a political activist, a pro-feminist, a nonviolence trainer, and a vegetarian chef. He is active in the National Organization of Men Against Sexism, The Greens (USA), the War Resisters League, the New England Nonviolence Trainers Network, ACT UP/Maine, the Casco Bay Greens, and the Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center. He was co-editor of The Dove, a newsletter on war tax resistance in Maine. He is writing his third book, A Food Not Bombs Cookbook. (See on foot not bombs.net).

Read the book: ‘Food not Bombs‘, ISBN: 1884365213.

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C.T. Lawrence Butler – USA


C.T. Butler moved to Boston in 1976 with a theatre troupe he had helped form in his hometown of Newark, Delaware. Their first production was a children’s play called Tales of Old Mother Goose. Over the next three years, C.T. managed and produced seven additional productions, most notably Sylvia Plath and The Marlowe Show.

In 1979, he joined an affinity group at the urging of an actor friend and participated in two major occupation attempts of Seabrook Nuclear Power Station organized by the Coalition for Direct Action at Seabrook, a spin-off of the Clamshell Alliance. These actions introduced C.T. to two concepts – nonviolent direct action and consensus decision making – which changed his life. Over the past decade, C.T. has pursued his exploration of these two disciplines by becoming a war tax resister and participating in numerous social change/political action groups.

In 1980, C.T. and a group of friends formed the Food Not Bombs collective in Cambridge. This collective spent the first few years engaged in political action, food recovery, feeding the hungry, and experiments in community. In 1984, the food recovery and distribution part of Food Not Bombs became an official agency of the City of Cambridge. Later, C.T. was acknowledged for his work in Cambridge by being appointed to the Commission on Peace Education and Nuclear Disarmament of the City.

In 1987, C.T. wrote his first book, On Conflict and Consensus, which defines a practical, effective, and efficient model of consensus decision making. (See on foot not bombs.net).

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