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First my comment: David’s conspiracy theories has two levels: one for this planet with social & economic conspiracy theories. The second level concerns speres outside this planet, with items we can not control and for which exist only strongly controverted indices.

Looking at the first level, on our planet: my own comments tell about economic conspiracies, which I observe through the existence of the worldwide Federal Bank-System (see above link). I understand it like that: these banks are loaning us – through our national banks – virtual money (they create it out of nothing), but the loans given to our economic stakeholders are paid back in ‘real money’, means, behind this real money we have really created new values in form of work and goods.

This Federal Banks are privat enterprises working for their own profit. I claim: the privat owners of this Federal Banks (some very fortunate families) are the owners of our common work and wealth.

Going on with this logic, I find, the owner of these banks NEED our needs for loans, and best would be, we never stop to need new loans.

Wars, economic crashes and so on are the best garanty we need always new loans … think the rest for youself …

Looking at the second level of David’s claims, the extraterrestrial level: I am much more interested in the hysterical laughters such claims are provoking. I just think: if there is ‘nothing’, we don’t need to become hysteric about.

In any way: so many people around me believe new age conspiracy theories, and they ALSO are a part of the world’s people.

And this IS the world people’s blog!

But the controversy about this second level is so strong and so bitter, and it is not only outside of our ‘known world’, it is also inside of ‘OUR OWN UNKNOWN’ we carry with us.

My decision: I let this second level where it is, until we get commonly accepted proofs.

Meanwhile, we the people we have enough work to take back our economy, and to understand and begin to control the first level of David’s conspiracy theories: our planet, to make of it a good home for us all.




David Vaughan Icke – England

David Vaughan Icke (born April 29, 1952) is a British writer and public speaker who has devoted himself since 1990 to researching “who and what is really controlling the world.”

A former professional football player, reporter, television sports presenter, and spokesman for the Green Party, he is the author of 20 books explaining his views. Icke argues that he has developed a moral and political worldview that combines New Age spiritualism with a passionate denunciation of what he sees as totalitarian trends in the modern world, a position that has been described as “New Age conspiracism” … (wikipedia).

Listen to a level one-video (concerning this planet), 4.40 min, put October 11, 2006; and to David Icke – Was He Right? 46 min 18 sec, of 28 Dec 2006.

Listen or read him: on YouTube-videos; on google-videos; on google blog-research; on google book-research; on his own website, with homepage, articles, archives & latest news and more.

He says: “Most people treat me like anyone else, but more and more are coming up to me to say they read my books and to keep going, no matter what anyone says. But, then, that’s never been a problem. In terms of the way people see me, it breaks down into two very clear and distinct groups: those who think they know me from reading the papers and those who really know me by reading my books”. (Guardian, February 17, 2006).

Look at his Homepage, and at the fly with me productions.

David Icke is the best known conspiracy theorist in the UK today. Having previously enjoyed some success as a professional goalkeeper for Coventry City, and later Hereford United, his five year career was cut short by arthritis. Icke became a well-known public face with a new career as a BBC sports’ commentator and anchorman. Between 1988 and 1991 Icke was a spokesman for the Green Party, from which he was to be later expelled. His career from 1991 to the present day has followed a path that not even the most imaginative of science-fiction authors could have predicted. (full long text on UK sceptics).

He says also: “You are right about the money lenders in that they control the world at every level of five-sense reality through the imposition of debt. I talk about this in great detail in my books. The money scam is at the heart of all Illuminati manipulation of global societies. The Roman Church was the Church of Babylon relocated and so the Jesuits are the agents of the Church of Babylon, the ancient stronghold of the Illuminati bloodlines. They are very significant indeed to the Illuminati agenda”. (RINF.com).


conspiracy theories: on arab news; on questia; on wikipedia; on cbc.ca; on apologetics index; on linkedwords.com; on ADL anti defamation league; on answers.com.

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