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Linked with Haris Ibrahim’s blog: The People’s Parliament, with all Philosophy, and with “Islam-as I say-tion”.

He is a Malaysian Lawer, defending people’s apostasy from Islam.

He writes: Dear YB Chew, Did you watch your cabinet and parliamentary colleague, Syed Hamid Albar, on BBC’s Hardtalk? What did you think of all that he said? Did you catch the part where he says that we are neither a secular nor a theocratic state, but we are an Islamic state based on Islam Hadhari? Will you and your MCA colleagues rise in Parliament and chastise Syed Hamid for this irresponsible statement that was telecast worldwide? Will your MCA colleagues protest this at the next cabinet meeting on 19th September, 2007? Or are you still in ‘internal discussion’ mode? Do tell us about your concrete plans to deal with this irresponsible fellow, if indeed, you have any. I am, as always, anak Bangsa Malaysia, Haris Ibrahim, September 16, 2007. (on the People’s Parliament).

He says: ”We are many colors, we are one dream”, (on his blog).

He says also: “I had to laugh out loud,” said lawyer Haris Ibrahim, representing a widow who was jailed for two years as an ‘apostate’ for trying to renounce Islam. (more on ZoomInfo).


Find him on Google blog-search. Find him also on ZoomInfo, and on Screenshots, January 2007: pictures, and texts. Also on Digressions.

He writes also: “By democratic right, all Malaysians born here are sons of the soil irrespective of which race they belong to. We should all be Malaysians, not bumiputeras and non-bumiputeras. Why should one race always be given crutches?

If we believe in God and basic human values, then we should help all those in need irrespective of race. We should be fighting corruption which has become the culture of the day. We should use meritocracy as the yardstick for progress.

As long as we are in denial, there will be no real progress. As we become more of a global village, many Indian and Chinese Malaysians will work even harder and will succeed here in Malaysia, if not elsewhere. The Malay Malaysians, if they still need their crutches, will surely be left behind”. (full text, May 5, 2007).

Reliable sources confirmed that over 5,000 anak Bangsa Malaysia had signed up in support in less than 48 hours. The concluding part of the petition states now that 10,000 have already signed in support. This petition deserves our wholehearted support. We must get our friends, relatives and colleagues to lend their name to this effort. I have signed up. You, too, can by sending an e-mail to RPK at this e-mail, with the message ‘Signed’ and giving your name … Petition: His Majesty The Yang DiPertuan Agung (2), Sept. 15, 2007.

The (same) petition (in malaysian language): YANG DI-PERTUAN AGONG MALAYSIA.

on The People’s Parliament find: Pak Lah, the rakyat have spoken, Sept. 16, 2007.


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