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Siv O’Neall was born and raised in Sweden where she graduated from Lund University. She has lived in Paris, France and New Rochelle, N.Y and traveled extensively throughout Europe. Siv retired after many years of teaching French in Westchester, N.Y. and English in the Grandes Ecoles (Institutes of Technology) in France. In addition to her own writing, Siv has also provided Axis of Logic with translation services. She has been living in France, first Paris, then Lyon for 30 years. In addition to her political activism and writing, her life is filled with family, music, animals, reading, traveling and “anything that pleases the eye or the palate”. (full text).

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She writes: “The world has been taken hostage in the most gigantic, megalomaniac and malevolent plot that has ever been conceived by man. Words like democracy and freedom no longer have any meaning. We are all pawns in a huge game of ‘get-the-booty’ and ‘rule-the-world’. Individuals have strictly no value. People only exist so as to be used as slaves until they die from exhaustion or survive in utmost misery and total insecurity, until their children can take over in the same kind of miserable treadmill … (Read full long text: The Cracks in the Façade are Widening, The corporation is king, Published on Axis of Logic, by Siv O’Neall, Sep 13, 2007).


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She works for Axis of Logic, today publishing as Intrepid Report.

She writes also: n the sixties and seventies, a group of right-wingers in the United States formed a society of vindictive and power hungry men who thought they could reinvent reality. Initially they received little notice and operated inside the American Enterprise Institute; that think tank became the womb for these megalomaniacs and their monstrous ambition of remaking the world. Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz were among them and the movement was to turn into a preposterous beast. The group called themselves Neoconservatives although they were hardly conservatives in the traditional sense and were very much out there on a new and tenuous limb … (Owning the World, The Great Illusion, April 16, 2007).

Read: The New World Order, or Stop Globalization, I want to get off, (A Crisis Papers Guest Essay, March 23, 2004); and: The Corporate Empire Rules the Planet, A View from Europe, July 19, 2005.

She asks: Where is the democracy in a country and in a world that is being run by transnational corporations? Where even the Congress is tied down by bonds of dependency to Corporate America, Republicans and Democrats alike. Where the rulers have not even been freely and honestly elected by the people? Where the ruling clique consists exclusively of men and women representing Big Money, business executives who have no understanding of what it is like to go sick and hungry? Who have no humility, no compassion, no understanding of how all the cogs in a machinery are important in the process of making the engine run. The voices of the poor have been silenced for so long that the power people have forgotten their sound … (full text in ‘What Freedom? What Democracy?‘, Aug. 26, 2007).

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