Nancy Rivard – USA

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She says: “In 1993, I delivered my first bag of aid to a refugee camp in Croatia. From this singular act spawned Airline Ambassadors International (AAI). Over the last decade, our members have been at the forefront of a growing movement called “voluntourism.” Voluntourism offers a way for caring individuals to become positively involved in the global community by traveling To make a difference. Our members have traveled the globe, helping to lift children and communities out of poverty and, in the process, create lasting bonds of friendship and kindness throughout the world”. (full text).

Watch the video: NBC News with Brian Williams, Nancy Rivard, 2.55 min, added May 01, 2007.

Nancy Rivard lost her 54-year-old father suddenly to bladder cancer on Christmas Eve 1983. “I wondered what life was about that it could be taken from us like that,” she recalls. “I began to evaluate where I was going.” Nancy purposely got herself demoted from the management track at American Airlines and went to work as a flight attendant. With low-cost travel passes and a flexible schedule, she toured around the world, searching for a calling – for healing. “I kept asking, how can I make a difference?” she says. That pursuit of service eventually led her to becoming World Woman of Peace in 1999. (full text).


Nancy Rivard – USA

She works for Airline Ambassadors.

Nancy Rivard has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Southern Methodist University and 25 years experience with American Airlines in management, sales, instruction and as a flight attendant. When her father died suddenly, she found herself deeply reevaluating her life priorities. She left a management job to return to flight attendant status to have time off to travel and pursue post-graduate research.

Extensive travel on a personal quest for meaning engendered in her a deep desire to serve humanity and a new vision for the travel industry. She lived with the Hopi Indians, adopted a girl in Sri Lanka, spent a month in the high Andes, and searched for spiritual teachers in Thailand, Africa, India, the Philippines and the former USSR.

She founded Airline Ambassadors International in 1996 for airline personnel, like herself, who were able to travel frequently, in hopes of inspiring the public to also match their unique interests and skills to actual world need. The non profit organization is a voice in the travel industry for environmental and social responsibility. It has been recognized in the US Congress and is an NGO affiliated with the United Nations … (full text).

She says also: “I finally figured out that in order to feel fulfilled, I had to find a way to give back to others, but I didn’t know how to do that” … “I saw that my profession gave me direct access to help people all over the world” … (full text).

Read about her on Zoom.Info.

Airline Ambassadors International’s team of volunteers will personally present these supplies to an infant hospital in the Argentine town of San Isidro. “We believe these donations will provide the hospital with medical supplies for up to a year and medicines for six months,” said Rivard. (full text).
Update on US Foundation’s Partnership with Airline Ambassadors and Humanity in Unity for Hurricane Relief Efforts.


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