Aung Myo Min – Burma (in Thailand)

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First to disambiguate: there seems also exist a H E Brig-Gen Aung Myo Min, Deputy Minister for Education, Head of Delegation of the Union of Myanmar, and also U Aung Myo Min, an executive with the government’s mass-movement body, the Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) in the western delta region. To me it seems there are three different persons.

Executive director of the Human Rights Education Institute of Burma, is a 1993 graduate of the Human Rights Advocate Program at Columbia University. He is the first openly gay man among the democratic movement of Burma and has received numerous international awards for his human rights work and lesbigay work, including the 1999 Felipa De Souza award by the IGLHRC and Honour of Courage award from the San Francisco City Board. He has been integrating LGBT rights into the mainstream human rights through HRE awareness activities and involving in the drafting process of the future constitution of Burma. (

Aung Myo Min, director of Human Rights Education Institute of Burma, said: “the use of child soldiers in Burma is rampant not only in the Burmese military but also in ethnic armed rebel groups”. (full text).

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Aung Myo Min – Burma (in Thailand)

He says also: “The (tody’) demands are exactly the same (as 1988): freedom, democracy but the main difference is that today the whole world has been following the events in the streets. This was not the case in 1988. We had then no way of communicating to the outside world what was happening. At the moment the demonstrations are better organised, the media is better informed and there is an awareness of what this Junta is doing. In 1988 it was the students who led the uprising while today it is the monks … The multinationals should leave the country. They pretend to help the population but in reality they are only keeping the Generals in power. It is these economic partnerships that are allowing the Junta to buy arms from neighbouring countries. The foreign investors should really leave. (full text).

Aung Myo Min also pointed out using the name of ‘Human Opportunities’ instead of ‘Human Rights’ was a human rights abuse excluding the rights concerning government duties in Universal Human Rights Declaration. (full text).

Aung Myo Min, however, expressed concern regarding how the agreement will take shape in tackling human rights violations in the region since there are in the grouping, countries that deem setting up a human rights commission still a little early. (full text).

Photos of the Situation of Refugees (not dated).

The United Nations Human Rights Council has condemned the repression of anti-government protests in Burma. Meeting in Geneva in Switzerland, the council called for its investigator to be allowed into the country. We interviewed Ko Aung Myo Min, Director of Humn Rights Education Institute, about their presentations of recent human rights violations in Burma to the UN Human Rights council. (full text, Sept. 2, 2007).

OSI-Supported Website Promotes Burma Rights and Democracy, Press Release, August 5, 2005, Contact Aung Myo Min.
OPEN LETTER to ASEAN Heads of State, 28 August 2007.
Leading Burmese human right activist Aung Myo Min has called for action to halt violence against women during the International Campaign against gender violence, which includes domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape. Aung Myo Min, director of Thailand based Human Rights Education Institute of Burma was speaking at the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25. (full text).


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