Nosandla Malindi – South Africa

Linked with DELTA Development Education and Leadership Teams in Action.

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “If rural women can build their self-confidence and learn coping mechanisms, they can become self-reliant and independent instead of depending on their male partners. Rural life would be manageable”.

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Nosandla Malindi – South Africa

She works for the Development Education Leadership Teams in Action DELTA.

Nosandla Malindi was born in 1960. She has diplomas in business counseling and democratic development. Nosandla is trainer and coordinator of Development Education Leadership Teams in Action (Delta) in Libode, an organization that empowers women from grassroots communities to participate and hold leadership positions in decision-making in South Africa.

Delta started in 1992 as a project of the Catholic Welfare Development (CWD). In 1995 it became independent from CWD. Delta has been empowering women in the urban and rural areas in the Western Cape. Nosandla has been a learner and staff from the time of its inception.

Libode is one of the smallest rural towns in the Eastern Cape Province. It has a staggering illiteracy rate of 90%. There are no factories and the few women who work, are domestic workers. Some of the women were running small projects and others crèches. However, most of the projects were at the brink of collapse. Delta’s intervention breathed a new lease of life in to most of the projects.

The NGO has been the only one able to stand the rural challenges in the area of Libode. They have been very vital in creation and revival of several women groups in the area.

Nosandla is a living example of what she teaches and that has given the women more confidence in her. The women in the villages lacked most information relevant for their survival and the projects. It was extremely difficult even to write documents asking for funds and important documents such as project constitution. Not only did Nosandla give them these skills, but she also imparted in to them a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

In the past, men dominated most community committees. Now, women take up most of the positions. There are women serving in the local committees, in more strategic positions. Delta has helped the women to take up their role in the development of the society. (1000PeaceWomen).

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