Carl Bucher – Switzerland

Carl Bucher, the artist working for the recognition of human conditions.

His expositions show a strong engagment for humans condition for dignitiy. He creates sculptures showing in their expression his concern.

Artist’s studio Carl Bucher

Sorry, I could not find any photo of Carl Bucher himself

One is placed at the entry of the red cross in Geneva. See first link,

and second UN link;

Another is placed in the garden of the Library of the Court of Human Rights in Strassbourg. See

Other plastics shown:
Kulturschiene, CH-8704 Herrliberg-Feldmeilen;


hgk, Zürich. A text in pdf;

‘Civilized man has always had a great inclination to read his conceptions and feelings into the mind of primitive man; but he has only a limited capacity for understanding the latter’s undeveloped mental life and for interpreting, as it were, his nature’, Exposition of Carl Bucher, Galerie Christine Brügger, Kramgasse 31, CH-3011 Bern, 7.-29.10.2005;

Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten, Marl

Leading communications;

der Kunstblick, (in german)

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