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(First: trying to disambiguate different persons with the same name, maybe I ignored texts belonging to the here proposed Adam Engel.)

He says: “Leftism/Progressivism/Socialism are never the easy way out, otherwise they’d be more popular. If you’re a beginner, though you can start on the GUI right away, it might take you some time to learn how to work the finer points of the operating system. But the price of the extra effort is not only ‘computer freedom’, but a greater knowledge of your rights in the general marketplace. Also, if instead of paying for upgrades etc. as slaves to Mac/Windows MUST do, Linux users can hire programmers to build/rebuild/fix their system. Suddenly, the idea of small businesspeople called on to do programming, networking and various other jobs ultimately makes GNU/Linux much more viable economically, when looking at the big picture, than MAC/Windows with their ‘exclusive’ contracts and ‘forced’ upgrades. Also: hardware. Notice how all this new Windows ‘gaming’ software requires faster, more powerful computers. More more more bigger bigger bigger faster faster faster. Well, if all you want or need to do is run a word-processor, a web browser and a mail program, possibly some graphics and sound plug-ins, etc., you can get by on an ‘old’ (more than 5 years) machine without too much trouble. Everything is customizable with GNU/Linux. As in every other aspect of life, stay away from for-profit, anti-creative corporatism. Whether we’re talking computers or ‘global warming’, it’s people versus profit, we versus ‘it’, ‘life versus death’. (full interview text).

Read: Business Week Ranks the Best Places for Graduates to Launch Careers, by Adam Engel, November 1, 2007.

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Adam Engel – USA

Adam Engel has published poetry, fiction and essays in such magazines and periodicals on Counter Punch, Dissident Voice, Online Journal, Strike-the-Root,, and others, like: The New York Art Review, The Concord Journal, The Middlesex News, Accent, The Littleton Review, Ark, Smart Shoes, The Beacon, Literal Latte, Artemis, The Lummox Journal, Fearless, POESY, The Half Moon Review, Art:Mag, Chronogram, Gnome, and more. Adam Engel’s first book of poetry, Oil and Water, was published by Maximum Capacity Press in 2001, his novel, Topiary by Dandelion Books in the Spring of 2005. He has worked as a journalist, screenwriter, executive speechwriter, systems administrator, and editorial consultant, and has taught writing at New York University, Touro College and the Gotham Writer’s Workshop in New York City. (tldp).

Read: Les Miserable and the Hackers from Hell, Cyber Momma and the Outlaw Cowboys, by ADAM ENGEL, January 4, 2003.

Thus far, only a small group of avant garde artists have found the means to combat this language. Rather than complain that Americans are duped by the Media into wars, corporatism, environmental neglect etc. etc., we should present an alternative method of reading as well as writing. William Blum’s ‘Killing Hope’, was researched by Blum using the radical technique of relegating his sources to mainstream reports available to anyone. For him, it is not so much a matter of reinvigorating the language with real (original) sentences and syntax, but teaching people to ‘read between the lines’. (full text).

Adam Engel, poetry, essays, noveelini, Topiary ‘a fiction’.

He reflects: “After all, how many of the soldiers and CIA operatives the American Empire has stationed all over the planet were even born when Pete experienced the animal adrenaline rush of his first kill?” (full text). And added to this article: TDY = Temporary Duty Yonder, to be disambiguated on wikipedia.

Read: Adam Engel’s Column.

He writes: So obvious the cause of this whole mess. Here in bed with me night after night. No, I’m not talking about my rifle, but my wife. Italian. Her ancestors were Roman. Roman. So? So read the Bible, shit head. See the root, the Latin root, of all this evil. Judas mighta sold out Jesus, but it was the Romans who strung him up, lynched him, and if you look at what Jesus was doing, among other things–busy guy–it was inventing a means to defeat an unbeatable Empire: non-violence. Scared the crap outta everybody, and not only that, it worked. Render that which is Caesar’s unto Caesar, indeed … (full text).

Read: Live from New York, It’s … Lizard Brain on Line for the Log Flume, by ADAM ENGEL, February 17, 2003.

He says also: “What we need is transparency and equitable treatment for all. As Thomas Jefferson penned: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights … “. (full text).

Read: Hey, Mr. Patriot, That’s Illegal! Flag in the Rain, by ADAM ENGEL, May 10, 2003.

Enough Is Too Much, by Adam Engel:

  • … “No, you ASS, don’t go down THAT line, I said THIS ONE HERE”;
  • Reaction of the other sheep not, “Where do you get off telling this guy what to do?”;
  • Reaction of other sheep was, “Where do you get off not following orders like you’re supposed to do and getting on the wrong line and making it so much worse for the rest of us?”;
  • Worst of all were the eyes. Not of the tormentors, but of the victims. Spaced out, happy, in a way, happy to have big strong adults – armed men and women – tell them where to go what to do, finally some structure in their pathetic lives;
  • Then again, what did I do? Did I scream “NO?” No. Did I shove my “weapon,” a toenail-clipper, in the eye of the rent-a-Nazi who confiscated it? No. I’m as bad as you are. I don’t deserve to live, at least not like a free adult … .

Read: Waiting, Waiting to Bloom, The Fat Man in Little Boy, by ADAM ENGEL, June 21, 2003.


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