Amma Sakinah – Afghanistan

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

Amma Sakina is an Afghan human rights activist. For more than a decade, she has been working hard to raise people’s awareness of and campaigning against violations of human rights and the eradication of all forms of discrimination against women.

She says: “With peace we can perceive the real concept of life”.

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Amma Sakinah – Afghanistan

She works at grassroots as well as on organizational level to concert social work and efforts of community-based groups and NGOs. She has also worked with people with disabilities and special needs. She advocates education for all children and has run her own house as a school.

Amma’s work was triggered by her observation of the extreme injustices and discrimination against women that has prevailed in Afghanistan for decades. As an active participant in the peaceful resistance movement, she witnessed the incarceration of her own son for five years. In spite of these circumstances, she did not waiver in her commitment to achieve her goal of helping women in Afghanistan.

At present, Amma works closely with vulnerable people, such as women, children and disabled groups. She is optimistic about the future of women in Afghanistan, especially after the incorporation of an article that codifies equal rights for men and women in the Afghan constitution. In order to draw an example for women to gain self-confidence Amma has nominated herself to the presidential elections.

She has now redoubled her activities in the community-based groups. The participation of women in every aspect of life forms the cornerstone of her future vision for a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, warlords and armed groups still dominate large parts of Afghanistan and violence against women is still quite prevalent. However, Amma believes that there is a need for concerted effort in demilitarizing and rehabilitating the fighting guerrilla men and to raise the population awareness of respecting women and human rights.

Despite all these hurdles, Amma’s objective remains the protection and promotion of human rights in general and women rights in particular. In a country devastated by warfare, promotion and protection of human rights and women’s rights is the main goal of Amma’s work. In order to effectuate these changes, she conducts workshops and meets with different sections of the Afghan society, putting great emphasis on education. (1000peacewomen).

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