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Rosemarie Jackowski is an advocacy journalist living in Vermont, USA. On March 20, 2003, she was arrested for her participation in a peaceful protest against the war. After her arrest, she was incarcerated, hand cuffed, booked, finger printed, photographed, arraigned, tried, convicted and sentenced. The jury arrived at a guilty verdict in less than 10 minutes. The conviction was appealed in the State Supreme Court and overturned. Then the government announced plans to hold a second trial and seek a conviction again. After years of legal proceedings, all charges were finally dismissed. Rosemarie’s main focus has been on the civilian deaths in U.S. war zones. She is a strong advocate for the payment of reparations to all who have been adversely affected by U.S. policies. Of special interest is the issue of Diego Garcia. For more information, please click here. Rosemarie has been an advocate for children since 1970. Other areas of interest are farm worker rights, and the contamination of the world-wide food supply with GMO’s. She is a member of Veterans for Peace and a grandmother. (mwcNews, June 1, 2007).

9/11 is the goose that laid the Golden Grenade, Sept. 10, 2007.

She is The conviction was appealed and overturned in the State Supreme Court. The government then announced plans to retry the case. Finally, after years of legal proceedings, all charges were dropped. She can be reached by e-mail. (india interacts).

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Rosemarie Jackowski – USA

Labor Pains, Sept. 2, 2007.

Rosemarie Jackowski, 70, made national headlines last year after being arrested for protesting the war at Bennington’s Four Corners. The grandmother and veteran refused to accept a plea bargain that would have let her off with a fine because she insisted she had done nothing wrong. The state eventually dropped the charges after the Vermont Supreme Court overthrew her conviction for disorderly conduct. “One very good aspect of this is their focusing on Congress which people should have been doing all along,” she said. “Too many people have been protesting the president when it’s the Congress who has the power to declare war. It’s too bad our Congress has subcontracted to the executive branch the power to declare war”. Jackowski said it was good to hear that college students were getting involved in the anti-war movement. She said she usually takes part in monthly vigils organized by the local citizens group, Vermont Peace Train, and wished there were more young people. “They are missed. I wish they could come out and join us next time,” she said. (full text, December 8, 2007).

Reparations for Iran, Aug. 9, 2006).

Just when it seems that things cannot get any worse, we learn that U.S. military commanders in Iraq are seeking permission to use a new weapon system. This will be the ultimate torture weapon. Its purpose is to cause excruciating pain, but leave no evidence of wounds on the victim. Imagine this weapon at AbuGhraib or Guantanamo. Imagine this weapon at your local precinct. The Department of Defense has named this weapon system “Active Denial”. Besides torture, this weapon can also be used for crowd control. It is a ray gun which could literally make blood boil. It is based on the same technology as a microwave oven. The human body is comprised mostly of water… think of the sensation of boiling blood. The purpose of this weapon system is to cause an unbearable level of pain so that the victim will submit to the will of the US military or police. The gun produces a 95-gigahertz microwave beam that is designed to penetrate 1/64th of an inch. Hummmm, should the experts be trusted to achieve zero defects with a technology that requires so precise a tolerance? Raytheon, with headquarters in Waltham, Mass. is listed as the prime contractor on this project. Raytheon reports sales of $20.3 billion in 2006. The development of torture devices brings high profits to the corporation. Profits before people seems to be the accepted practice in the United States … (full text, Nov. 20, 2007).

Vermont Vets Support Ward Churchill Statement, June 19, 2006.

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From Galileo to Churchill, May 20, 2006.

Mexicanos Sin Fronteras.

She writes also: The problem with Liberals is that they still don’t get it. Many are calling for the Impeachment of Bush because “we were lied into a war”. There are several fallacies here. First, the lies were so transparent that it is hard to understand how anyone could have been so duped. The WMD lie was not believed by many who were keeping themselves informed, Scott Ritter for one. Second, even if Iraq did have WMDs, it would not have justified an illegal, pre-emptive war in which thousands of civilians were killed. This second issue is important because it implies that the United States has the legal and moral authority to decide which countries should have the right to weapon systems. This arrogant, xenophobic attitude has increased the hatred against the United States. There is something very wrong about allowing the only nation that has ever used nuclear weapons to kill civilians, to decide which countries should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. In a perfect world there would be no weapon systems, nuclear or otherwise. In the real world it is sometimes suggested that every nation should be given at least one nuclear weapon that could be used in a retaliatory strike. This is an old idea which used to be called MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction … (full text, May 16, 2007).

The Trial of Rosemarie Jackowski, Jan. 31, 2006.

She writes: … The Christmas controversy gets even more intense for those who have children. Many parents find themselves in a no-win situation. Should your child be the only one in the class who does not get a pile of gifts. Will the mental health of children be affected if they are on the leading edge of the controversy; on the other hand, it might be an opportunity to teach a child that being part of the group is not always the best thing. Maybe it is better to minimize the influence of the culture on youthful minds. There is no better time of year to expose the negative side of consumerism. Where do agnostics and atheists fit in – and others whose belief systems do not allow them to partake in the festivities. Often non- Christians feel abused during this season. It would help if everyone showed respect for everyone else’s beliefs and non-beliefs. Kindness and humility require that no one impose his belief system on another. What about the Christmas story – the virgin birth – the bright star in the East. Some people love it; others are offended by it. No matter what your stand on this controversy, the fact is that the Christmas story has always been a story about a homeless family being bullied by their government. For those who are offended by other details of the events in Bethlehem, there is an updated version of the Holiday story … (full text, Dec. 13, 2007).

From Hiroshima to Fallujah: The Slaughter of Civilians Continues, July 18, 2005.

Over-the-top 69-year-old kookazoid Rosemarie Jackowski has won hearts among her fellow moonbats by getting arrested for blocking traffic during a peacenik protest (at least one ambulance on its way to the hospital was delayed). She crowned this accomplishment by refusing to plead guilty to a disorderly conduct charge, putting the courts to a lot of trouble and taxpayers to a lot of expense so that she could flip her gnarled middle finger at society. When a jury took only 15 minutes to convict her, she responded by appealing the verdict. AP attempts to manufacture another Cindy Sheehan phenom out of Jackowski in a puff piece absurdly entitled “Vt. Woman Is an Unlikely Peace Activist.” Here’s AP overplaying the typical MSM tactic of broadcasting the opinions of nuts who just happen to agree with their views: … (full text, Dec. 19, 2006).

The Secret That the Government Kept for 30 Years, Aug. 01, 2004.

Iraqi Order 81 (see next paragraph *) is of special interest because it goes a long way in affecting every living being on the planet. This order prohibits Iraqi farmers from using the methods of agriculture that they have used for centuries. The common worldwide practice of saving heirloom seeds from one year to the next is now illegal in Iraq. Order 81 wages war on Iraqi farmers. They have lost the freedom and liberty to choose their own methods of agriculture. ‘The food chain has been under worldwide assault by U.S. corporations for some time now. The Master Race of corporations has seized control of the very essence of life itself. We are now in the age of Genetically Modified Doomsday Seeds’ … (full text, February 01, 2005).


New Rules for Liberals, Aug. 6, 2005.


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