Meiqing Hua – China

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

Hua Meiqing is a policewoman serving at the Pingan Road Police Station of the Sifang Substation of the Qingdao Public Security Bureau. In 1993 she began to work supervising prostitutes; in 2002 she started to take on tasks aimed at tackling domestic violence. She took care of victimized women and created a way in which the police could intervene in domestic violence. She writes extensively on the subject.

She says: “As a grassroots policewoman, I work little by little, adding one drop to another, in legal advocacy work. The prevention of domestic violence is an important task”.


Meiqing Hua – China

She works for the Qingdao Public Security Bureau.

Hua Meiqing lived in the countryside as a young girl. At the age of 17, she graduated from Shandong Police School, and began her career as a policewoman. Today, 23 years later, she is in the same job. She is now an instructor in Pingan Road Police Station of Sifang Substation, Qingdao Public Security Bureau.

She has taken on all kinds of police tasks. In 1993, she began to work at supervising prostitutes in Qingdao Detention House; in 2002, she started to take on tasks against domestic violence.

Hua Meiqing has always striven to do her work in a conscientious manner. After she read “Outline of Women’s Development”, she started to develop an interest in women’s work, and took up volunteer work for women. She also continued to read on these issues.

Hua is concerned about disadvantaged groups. In 1993, she began to get in touch with prostitutes in detention houses. At first, she was contemptuous of them. But later, an activity named “A letter to my mother” changed her mind. When she saw the letters the prostitutes had written, the feelings they had expressed, Hua was moved to tears.

From these letters, she came to realize that they were in prostitution for a variety of reasons, and deserved our sympathy and care. Thus she began to look at prostitutes differently. As a policewoman, she showed more sympathy and understanding to them, and treated them like human beings.

She produced some lyrics and composed the song “Mother, I miss our home”, which was very popular in the detention house. The cry of “I miss our home” touched the heart of many detainees there, reducing them to tears.

Hua created a way for the police to intervene in domestic violence, for example, to issue a red “warning card” to perpetrators, and a green “assistance card” to affected women; to show the women that someone cared for them and to offer psychological counseling.

She also worked hard to create ways in which the police could prevent and pre-empt domestic violence, and provide follow-up services in cases of violence. She attempted to get the media to recognize their responsibility, and worked to encourage people to oppose the practice of domestic violence.

Once a woman went to the police station to complain about her suspicious husband. If she returned home late after finishing her business in the market, her husband would see that as an excuse to beat her. She was so fed up that she prepared a cutter to violate him if she attacked her again. She said, “I have nothing to worry about, as my child will go abroad.” Hua patiently listened to her and persuaded her to abandon the idea.

Another woman from Anhui province took her adopted daughter to visit her son, who was a soldier in Qingdao. When she heard of the work against domestic violence there, she found Hua Meiqing and complained that her husband had been abusing her for many years. She was so frightened that she dared not go home any more. Hua listened to her and offered to help her by contacting the Women’s Federation of Anhui province, asking for their help.

Hua Meiqing believes that everyone should show sympathy for women who are victims of domestic violence, and be considerate of the difficulty of their situation. What is more important is to encourage them, making them face future life with a positive attitude. They should know what to do to retrieve their sense of dignity and happiness.

Hua is not just a thinker, she is also a writer. She likes prose and writes sensitively about her work. She feels that a situation of peace inside families should be one of “mutual respect between a couple, who could show their true thoughts, the family should be harmonious and romantic …”

Hua Meiqing has come a long way from her early beginnings as a young policewoman. Today, she is theoretically grounded in work on violence and has found effective ways to help the women she works with. She no longer feels helpless as she did in the early days. (1000PeaceWomen).

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