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Robert Bauval says: “The controversies that were generated in 1990s have been debated to the hilt. It’s now time to move the discussion onwards. The Orion Correlation Theory (OCT) remains controversial. So be it. The Egypt Code takes the thesis forward to fit the notion of a sky-ground correlation into the overall context and timeframe of pharaonic Egypt. It takes on board many issues that were not dealt with in my previous books, and seeks the common denominator that motivated the 3000 years of pyramid and temple building along the Nile” … (full interview text).

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Robert Bauval – Egypt & Belgium

THE EGYPT CODE by Robert Bauval, A Special Review Written by Greg Taylor, June 2006: It is a little difficult to understand why the OCT has been rebuked so ferociously by not only Egyptologists, but also astronomers such as Ed Krupp. The likeness is quite apparent, and there is much to suggest that the ancient Egyptians revered the Orion constellation in particular – even if one day it is ultimately proven incorrect, it still seems a topic well worth some serious discussion. In all likelihood, the orthodox opposition to Bauval’s research comes not so much from that core theory, but from the other subjects associated with him from the ‘alternative history’ genre throughout the 1990s – the Age of the Sphinx controversy, the 10,500 BCE date given by Bauval for the perfect mirror image of the Giza layout to be present in the sky, and the confluence of this date with theories of a lost civilisation (notably the big ‘A’: Atlantis) … (full long text).

Graham Hancock And Robert Bauval, Monuments To Life: a DVD.

The pyramids have long fascinated Robert Bauval. He is Egyptian, born in Al-Iskandariyya (Alexandria) to Belgian parents, and has spent most of his life living and working in the Middle East. For many years he had pondered over the significance of Sah, the constellation of Orion, and its link to the pyramids. One night, while working in Saudi Arabia, he took his family and a friend’s family up into the sand dunes of the Arabian desert for a camping expedition. Bauval knew that the seemingly inconsistent layout of the three Fourth Dynasty pyramids at Giza was no accident, and had applied his own engineer’s mind, and those of many friends to the problem. Most agreed that the alignment, though unusual, was no accident, given the precise mathematical knowledge that the Egyptians had. His friend, a keen amateur astronomer, pointed out Orion, and mentioned, in passing, that Mintaka, the smaller more easterly of the stars making up Orion’s belt was offset slightly from the others. Immediately Bauval saw the answer – the three Belt Stars were aligned in exactly the same way as the three pyramids! Bauval checked the alignment in 2450 BCE by precessing the three Belt Stars back, and found that, due to their close proximity in space, great distance from Earth, and negligible proper motion, they looked exactly the same then as they do today. Of course, they had changed in declination – then they were just below the celestial equator, at about -1 degree declination … (full text).

Methods of “Ma’at” Part II, Mud Sticks – Case Study, The Great Pyramid of Giza, by Graham Hancock, not dated.

… He attended the British Boys’ School in Alexandria and the Franciscan College in Buckinghamshire, England. He was expelled from Egypt during the reign of Gamal Nasser. He has spent most of his life living and working in the Middle East and Africa as a construction engineer. In the early 1990s Bauval had been trying to obtain a translation of Hermetica by Walter Scott. He then came across a new edition printed by Solo Press with a foreword by Adrian Gilbert. Bauval contacted Gilbert after being interested in his foreword concerning a link between an Alexandrine school of Hermes Trismegistus and the pyramid builders of the Fourth dynasty of Egypt. They went on to write The Orion Mystery together, which became a No. 1 bestseller in the United Kingdom. He has also co-authored three books with Graham Hancock, including a very contentious book on possible artificial structures on Mars (The Mars Mystery – 1998). Bauval is specifically known for the Orion Correlation Theory OCT.

This proposes a relationship between the fourth dynasty Egyptian pyramids of the Giza Plateau and the alignment of certain stars in the constellation of Orion. (full text).

The most startling revelation in Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval’s latest speculative history is that parts of Paris are modelled on Ancient Egyptian symbolism. We’re also told about Christopher Wren’s esoteric street-plan for London after the Great Fire, and the secret significance of Washington DC. But most of the book follows the stream of heterodox religious beliefs, from early Christianity to the 18th century. (full text).

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Controversy: Some of the hypotheses put forward in his works are regarded by most mainstream archaeologists and historians as a form of pseudoscience. Among his more notable contentions is the supposed existence some 12,500 years ago of a now-forgotten advanced progenitor civilization, not explicitly named as such but identifiable with “Atlantis”. (full text).

A video-excerpt for 1.25 min.: Talisman, with Robert Bauval, not dated.


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