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Born in 1936 in Teheran, Bahman Nirumand studied German Studies, Philosophy und Iranian Studies in Munich, Tübingen and Berlin. In 1960 he received his PhD on the basis of a dissertation on Brecht. After his studies, he returned to Iran, and worked as a Lecturer for Comparative Literature at the University of Teheran, and also as a writer and journalist. He soon came into conflict with the Shah-Regime and fled the country in 1965 in order to escape his imminent arrest … (full text).

Bahman Nirumand (* 18. September 1936 in Teheran) ist ein iranischer und deutscher Publizist und Autor (

He writes: “The more the regime manages to mobilize the masses for its foreign policy aims, the easier it is to increase pressure within the country. The nuclear conflict, the threat of sanctions by the USA and the EU in an attempt to force Iran to forego its internationally given right to the enrichment of uranium – a right that has in the meantime be elevated to a matter of national honor, along with the general demonization of Iran by the West and similar developments, give the radical Islamists just the ammunition they need to bring the masses into line in terms of ideology, religion and nationalism and to demand their solidarity with their country. This is the context in which Ahmadinejad’s invective against Israel and denial of the Holocaust must be seen”. (full text).


Bahman Nirumand – Iran & Germany

Media Darlings of the Unenlightened Masses.

Bahman Nirumand calls on the West to take a closer look at Iran: “There are also moderate forces at work within the government. Even conservatives reject President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s confrontational policies. The signs of Tehran’s adopting a softer tone which could be observed over the past few weeks throw light on a power struggle that has become increasingly fierce since Ahmadinejad made his radical statements. It’s thanks to the moderate forces within the government that Tehran described Russia’s offer to produce nuclear fuel in Russia as ‘positive’ and as a ‘possible way out of the crisis’, and that just last Monday an Iranian delegation tried to prevent Europe from making ‘rash decisions’. The question now is which faction within the Iranian parliament will win the battle. The answer depends to no small extent on the West’s response. Threats, sanctions or a military attack will only serve to strengthen the radicals’ position and silence the voices which today rise in opposition to Ahmadinejad’s policies. (euro topics).

Bahman Nirumand, born in 1936 in Tehran, is an Iranian-German writer. (The following article appeared in Taz in german). Here the english translation by Yoshie Furuhashi, on 17 November 2007.

The Danger of War Grows: The Scenario Reminiscent of the Iraq War (texts on this site are in english AND in german). (critical montages, Nov. 17, 2007).

At the Side of Torture Survivors: Treating a Terrible Assault on Human Dignity.

And he says: “Adapting to Contemporary Islam: Journalist Bahman Nirumand reports on a progressive and uncomfortable reformist theologian, Mohsen Kadivar. (full text).

How Will John’s Special Talents Be Put to Use in the CIA?

He writes also: Even the seventh volume of his memoirs, in which Rafsanjani writes that Khomeini had approved the proposal to omit the rallying cry “Death to America,” was banned and withdrawn by the censors a few days after its publication. However, the radicals have played the highest possible trump with their candidate Jannati, who is no less than the long-standing chairman of the Guardian Council, a council whose approval is required for any law to go into effect and for any candidate to campaign in the parliamentary and presidential elections. Jannati’s defeat is a bitter loss for the radical Islamists, who already had to bear a resounding defeat at the last municipal elections. Rafsanjani’s election has awakened new hope among moderate conservatives as well as reformers. They aim to break the absolute majority of the radical Islamists in next year’s upcoming parliamentary elections and to form the majority in Majlis, the Iranian parliament. Since some time now an alliance has seemingly emerged between the two camps. The reformer Mohammad Khatami, the conservative pragmatist Rafsanjani, and former conservative parliamentary president Mehdi Karrubi, who, however, consistently breaks ranks, appear to have made the necessary agreements … (full text, original in german /not dated, the Translated from the German article made 2007, for, by Nancy Joyce).

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Bahman Nirumand hat auch viel auf deutsch publiziert, hier eine kleine Auswahl:

Das Heimweh des Bahman Nirumand, Iran-Experte im MonTalk (des WDR).

Höre das Audio: Interview mit Bahman Nirumand, 29 Min., vom 16.12.2007.

Sehe das Video: Fernsehreportage von 1967 über den Besuch des Schahs in Deutschland (3 / und Studentenrevolte), 10.10 Min., Added: December 02, 2007.

Bahman Nirumand (* 18. September 1936 in Teheran) ist ein iranischer und deutscher Publizist und Autor … (full text

Interview (in german) mit dem Iraner Bahman Nirumand über den Iran, Dez. 23, 2005.

Er sagt: “der Versuch, islamische Gesellschaft zu verwestlichen, ist gescheitert … Menschenrechte (müssen) aus der eigenen Gesellschaft, der eigenen Entwicklung heraus (geschaffen werden) … Und, wieso müssen wir in unserer Gesellschaft denselben Weg gehen wie die westlichen Gesellschaften (um dieAufstieg und Fall des Gottesstaates, Bahman Nirumand im Gespräch mit Norbert Bischofberger, 13.1.2008 – Höre auch das Video der Sternstunde Religion: Kinder des Propheten, Archaische Riten im modernen Iran, 13.1.2008, (auf der gleichen Seite).

Willis “friedens- und zukunftswerkstatt”.

Bratwurst in Alanya, (Deutsche in Ferien in der Türkei).


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