Munir A. Malik – Pakistan

Linked with Interview with Munir A. Malik, Jan. 13, 2008 (had been published on Hong Kong) and with AHRC.

Munir A. Malik (Munir is also spelled Muneer) is a very prominent Pakistani lawyer.He is the former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) of Pakistan.He was the leader of the legal defense team of Chief Justice of Pakistan … Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry when the latter was illegally dismissed by general Pervez Musharraf … (wikipedia).

He says: “it was quite a sad instance that Army was victimizing its own masses rather than cross border enemies … (full text, Jan. 24, 2008).

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Munir A. Malik – Pakistan

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He says also: “Lawyers have informed the people of the meaning of justice and an independent judiciary. Besides, they changed the mindset of judiciary as a result of which 60 judges of the superior courts refused to take oath under the Provisional Constitutional Order which was against the 1973 Constitution,” … and: “The mindset of the armed forces has to be changed and they should aim their guns towards enemy forces instead of their own countrymen” … (full text, Jan. 24, 2008).

Munir A. Malik Talks from Hospital bed in PIMS (in a 2 minutes video, Nov. 11, 2007).

Munir_A._Malik was arrested after Musharraf declared a state of emergency, initially admitted at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences on 25th November 2007, seriously ill and under treatment for kidney failure with dialysis. He was transferred to Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation in Karachi, where he still requires renal replacement theray in the form of hemodialysis. Fresh reports indicate that he has developed liver dysfunction also. It is unknown if he has acute renal failure versus chronic renal failure stage 5 requiring dialysis. Acute renal failure can be caused by a condition called ‘Rhabdomyolysis’ which can be as a result of muscle damage associated with physical abuse and beating which he has refuted. However, he complained about psychological abuse, laying for prolonged periods in one posture can lead to pressure necrosis of muscles causing release of myoglobin and rhabdomyolysis. On the other hand,chronic renal failure stage 5 can be progression of diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It is unknown what kind of renal failure this stalwart lawyer suffers from. Dehydration caused by denying access to fluids can be a causative factor in rhabdomyolysis induced renal failure and so is certain drugs toxicity like statins for hypercholestrolemia. With acute or chronic renal failure on dialysis he is immunosuppressed and vulnerable to life threatening sepsis or and pneumonia. Imran Khan has expressed his grave concerns about his health and has blamed government for his ill health.He has criticized government to deny him of access to clean drinking water when he was under arrest in Attock jail.He said he would hold government responsible if (god forbid)anything is to happen to Munir A.Malik. Any false imprisonment in a civilized society is subject to civil and or criminal litigation. Without a probable cause even President of the United States is not immune for such actions … (full long text). See also my comment Elites’ work versus people’s work.

Supreme Court Bar Association President Threatens Supreme Court Building.

The Punjab government on Sunday withdrew the detention orders of Munir A Malik, former president of Supreme Court Bar Association. Malik was moved to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) on Saturday when his kidney problem aggravated in Attock Jail and the doctors at the jail hospital referred him to the PIMS. Though he was on dialysis, yet his condition was out of danger, informed the hospital officials … (full text, Nov 25, 2007).

Some articles showing events around spring 2007:

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