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Anthony John Colman (born July 24, 1943) was the Labour member of Parliament for Putney, Former Labour MP for Putney London. He won the seat in the 1997 election, defeating David Mellor, but lost it in 2005 to Justine Greening. Before being elected to Parliament he was a councillor and leader of London Borough of Merton between 1991 and 1997. He also enjoyed a successful career in business which included being a director of the Burton Group. Since 2006 he is a founding member of the World Future Council … (wikipedia).

He says: “Constituency casework is the area in which I can make most difference to people’s lives. For example, I helped a woman retain her part-time job and incapacity benefit and restored, she said, “her faith in humanity and in politics”. (guardian).

Listen his short video: Tony Colman talks about the World Future Council, 1.54 min, August 02, 2006.


Tony Colman – England

His intervention in the House of Commons debates, 25 November 2004: about United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.

The fourth meeting in the series was entitled Ahead of the Curve: Why the UN needs the capacity to think. This meeting was chaired by Tony Colman MP, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group on the UN; and the (full text).

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  • See him on Elite Wiki;
  • In the World Future Council: .. He is currently Associate Director of Africapractice, a corporate citizenship and communications consultancy which offers advice and insight to enable management to meet the increasing demands for corporate responsibility by stakeholders. Operating at the intersect of business, government, international organisations and the media, the Centre offers a broad range of expertise including environmental policy and practice, social and environmental reporting, stakeholder consultation, corporate governance, health policy, community investment and small business development … His long term interest is in socially responsible investment and he has introduced several Ten Minute Rule Bills illuminating aspects of social investment policy … (BBCnews).
  • africapractice … Tony Colman… joins the group as Associate Director (September 2005);
  • and also: … (He) has responsibility for strengthening relationships with the UN system and supporting the group’s expansion programme. Tony also supports the group’s work in the area of infrastructure, applying his vast experience designing and promoting public-private partnerships (PPP) to the challenge of developing vital infrastructure in Africa;
  • Find him also on ZoomInfo;
  • Tony became President of the Region in 2005, and will serve until 2007. He was elected as a Member of Parliament for Putney in 1997 and served until the General Election in 2005. His main work is as Director of Africa Practice which, with its sister company, African Advisory, is representing the African Union’s new partnership for African Development (NEPAD) Business Roundtable with a view to delivering on the G8 Gleneagles Agreement. Tony’s experience as an MP has qualified him well for this important role in strengthening the strategic framework for Africa’s renewal. His parliamentary interests included international development, trade and industry, finance, the environment and foreign affairs. A fuller outline of Tony can be found on page 5 in issue 118 (October 2005) of The Dispatch.


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