Beggzadi Mahmuda Nasir & Masuda Banu Ratna & Nanda Rani Das

Please find below three Women of Bangladesh having been proposed for the 1000 Women Nobel Peace Price 2005, and about whom only some lines are published, one without a photo, both with no other text in the internet. These Peace Women are also named: on adhunika/heroes among us; on NEW AGE Dhaka; and on


Name: Beggzadi Mahmuda Nasir

She says: “We wanted to establish a college where girls from all religions would get quality education in a sound atmosphere.”


She set up the Central Women’s College in 1956 and the Central Women’s University in 1993 for which she works (both no own website, but second’s worry described on wikipedia. My comment: if there is a quality problem, then she has to be helped, not shut down. You cannot ask a group to have elitists performances, when centuries before they were submitted in uneducation. So ones has to help them … ).

When Beggzadi Mahmuda Nasir began her work on women’s education in 1950, women in Bangladeshi society had no space in public life. Coming from a liberal and educated family, Beggzadi had an advantage. Since she believes that education is essential to women’s status, the deplorable condition of women’s education disturbed her. Pursuing a dream with remarkable single-mindedness, Beggzadi set up the Central Women’s College in 1956 and the Central Women’s University in 1993. (1000peacewomen).

Beggzadi Mahmuda Nasir on adhunika/heroes among us.

Linked with  Asia Pacific Disability Forum APDF.

Masuda Banu Ratna

She says: “My son is my university. I have learnt a lot from my son. I had to innovate many things for my child. I want to replicate those things, mainly some treatment devices, among the village people”.


Sorry, no photo found (see also my comment ‘Brave women without photos‘).

She works for the Sustainable Centre for the Disabled SCD (no website found).

Masuda Banu Ratna has been able to channel her personal anguish toward building a better society where disabled persons such as her son can claim their due as productive, stigma-free members of society. To this end, she established the Sustainable Centre for the Disabled, which trains local people in providing physiotherapy to the disabled, enabling economically deprived children to access treatment. The SCD also has a school and orphanage for girls with disabilities, perhaps society’s most vulnerable section. (1000peacewomen).

She is member of the Conference Committee of the Asia Pacific Disability Forum / (organizing) the 3rd General Assembly and Conference, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 27-29, 2008.

Name: Nanda Rani Das

Linked with a piece of Nanda Rani’s live.

It is said: Despite barely scraping by, and hounded by death threats and false suits, Nanda’s work with the landless is a symbol of her indefatigability.


Nanda Rani Das – Bangladesh

She works for the Jharabarsha Women’s Landless Organization.

Nanda Rani Das (born 1960) is much of many things: women’s rights activist, mobilizer of the landless, an ideal of courage and integrity. For more than 24 years, ignoring her own hand-to-mouth existence, she has been organizing landless people to regroup for their rights. Fighting corruption in its every den, she was the first to bring up the issue of land rights for minority community women at the local level. (1000peacewomen).

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