Hena Das – Bangladesh

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “I have been fighting all my life. This society is not the society I dreamt of. We have won some battles. But there is much we have yet to achieve”.


Hena Das – Bangladesh

She works for the Bangla Mohila Parishad, named on saprin.org; on Southern Illinois University; on UNESCAP; on pipl.com; on NewsVoa.

When Hena Das (born 1924) was barely 13, she joined the struggle for independence against then-undivided India’s British rulers. That was the beginning of a lifelong struggle against every form of injustice. Although best known for her pioneering work in the field of gender justice, she has also been deeply involved with the communist party, farmers’ rights, teachers’ rights, and labor rights. At a time when stepping out of the home was virtually prohibited to women, Hena was enunciating women’s empowerment and the rights of women. (1000peacewomen).

Some articles and texts naming her (I have not put all texts naming ‘our’ Peace Woman, being not sure she was meant):

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