Rafiza Begum – Bangladesh

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

It is said: From despair to hope, Rafiza has traveled far. She now wants to devote her time to making that journey easier for other women.


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She works for the Thana Federation, and for the Narikuli Women’s Group.

From a timid wife whose husband abandoned her to a Union Parishad leader, Rafiza Begum (born around 1965) has traveled a long, bumpy road. When she contacted the NGO Proshika and its women’s microcredit group, she could hardly imagine that one day she would be looking well beyond her own life toward improving the lot of all women in her village. Nor did she think that she would inspire scores of village women to break social, religious, and cultural barriers and move toward empowerment. (1000peacewomen).

Some articles and texts naming her (I have not put all texts naming ‘our’ Peace Woman, being not sure she was meant):

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