Steven Clift – USA

Steven Clift writes in his last newsletter: “Try to imagine a government interested in encouraging local online citizen activism … … over the years, I’ve scanned the e-advocacy scene.

Steven Clift

To be honest NIMBY (”not in my backyard”) campaigns led by a particularly upset citizens dominate the local scene with virtual pitch forks.

What if you democratize e-activism by making easy to use online tools more accessible to a diverse range of community campaigns? I am keeping my on projects like the BBC’s Action Network and the open source CivicSpace platform in the U.S. along with this new UK project … … look further on

Steven Clift’s normal work has to do with democracy online. See also his actual 10 blog favorites. See also e-democracy political news. Interesting also Steven Clift’s link to a solar-powered Wi-Fi Network.

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