Shirin Banu – Bangladesh

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

She says: “We are all warriors in our own small orbits and these efforts will lead us toward a society free of religious obstacles, bring freedom from hunger, and end all kinds of discrimination”.


She works for the Prip Trust.

Shirin Banu (born 1951) has blended very effectively her experience in politics and with the women’s movement in her work on the empowerment of grassroots-level women leaders. She has motivated women leaders of the Union Parishad (grassroots legislative unit) to coalesce into an elected women’s forum that can collectively bargain to assert their rights and powers. She has also worked to create local women’s groups to unite women in rural Bangladesh against fundamentalism. (1000peacewonem).

Shirin Banu is named on adhunika/heroes among us;

Shirin Banu on Muktadhara (scroll down);

Speakers at memorial meeting: Collaborators of Kibria’s killers still active;

Shirin Banu on Muktadhara (scroll down).

It seems there exist other persons named Shirin Banu on the web, but I understand they are not ‘our’ peace women.

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