Ebadon Bibi – Bangladesh

Linked with A Truly Emancipated Woman.

She is one of the 1000 women proposed for the Nobel Peace Price 2005.

It is said: Today, Bangladesh’s fundamentalist forces find that they cannot cope with the organized power of the common people united under Ebadon Bibi’s leadership.


Ebadon Bibi – Bangladesh

She works for the Landless Organization of Hosenpur. I found no website, but as locality Hosenpur is shown: on Google Earth/satellit, and on Google/map (hybrid not possible on this low scale).

Ebadon Bibi (born 1945), once a daily-wage laborer, is now a spirited activist fighting for the rights of landless people like herself. Bold and innovative, Ebadon is a natural motivator. She is credited with popularizing the Rokeya Day celebrations on the birthday of Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (renowned educationist and philosopher), which remain a clarion call to defeat fundamentalist and regressive forces. Her work has brought about a sea-change in the lives and attitudes of the landless people in her village and its surrounding areas. (1000peacewomen).

Ebadon Bibi is named: on adhunika/heroes among us; on One World South Asia; on Bangla rights.net; on PoemHunter.com/Jayati Chowdhury … and all publications enumerating the names of the 1000 Peace Women nominees.

I have not put all texts naming Ebadon Bibi, being not sure she was meant. Therefore sorry, no more texts.

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