Mehdi Parvizi Amineh – Netherlands

Mehdi Parvizi Amineh studied political sciences and philosophy at the at the University of Amsterdam and holds a PhD in Political Sciences at the university. Since 2002 he is member of the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research ASSR. He is a Adjunct professor of International Relations at the Webster University, and senior lecturer at the International School for Humanities and Social Sciences ISHSS, University of Amsterdam. He is also senior research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies and programme director of the research programme-Energy Programme Asia EPA at the same institute and Associated Fellow in post-Soviet Eurasia, the Middle East and the Caspian Region at the Clingendael International Energy Programme, The Hague, The Netherlands. His current fields of interests are the political economy energy, comparative political economy of successful and failed industrialization in East Asia, the Middle East and Central Eurasia and globalization and (politicized-) Islam. Amineh is Editor-in-Chief of the book-series: International Comparative Social Sciences ICSS, Brill Academic Publishing and a member of the editorial Board of the journals: Perspectives on Global Development and Technology PGDT and Come Sociologyparativ CoSo … (full text).

Caspian Energy: A viable alternative to the Persian Gulf?


Research Interests: His main fields of study are International Relations, International Political Economy and Social History. His main research topics are politics and society in the Middle East and Central Eurasia in a historical perspective; the rise of political Islam as response to globalisation in a historical perspective; Global energy security and geopolitics; EU-energy security and its impediments and rethinking International Relations theories. (His personal website).

Globalisation, Geopolitics ans Energy Security in Central Eurasia and the Caspian Region, June 19, 2003.

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Perspectives on Global Development and Technology;

Selected Academic Publications (scroll down);

The Complexity of Central Eurasia;

Europa e China na Ásia Central: a questão energética II;

The Energy Security in Central Eurasia: the Geopolitical Implications to China’s Energy Strategy.

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