Jayati Chowdhury – India & Belgium

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Born in 1973 (September 13th), Kolkata, Jayati graduated with English honors. Happily married with Rajeeb and mother of Rajat, she lives in Brussels, Belgium. She is an EX School teacher of International Indian School in Middle East. Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life (Mark Twain) that Jayati leads now. (Bolji.com).


  • Eclipsed by impulsiveness,
  • Decision without deliberation.
  • The fragmented photo frames,
  • The broken vase and the wilted rose.
  • The hollow emptiness,
  • Reverberates, I am with you no more
  • … (full text).

A Letter to a Friend.


Jayati Chowdhury – India & Belgium

Some poems:

Someone somewhere, a poem by Jayati Chowdhury, page one, and page two.

She captures subtle moments in verse and strongly believes that poetry is like symphony, composed by emotions and perceptions, not by rule. She has also penned few articles. A trained vocalist, Jayati loves to sing ghazals. She is a registered poet with poetsindia.com and her poems are also published in sites like poetry.com, and ndtv.com. Her philosophy in life is: I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires – khalil Gibran. She is selected as Poet of the Week on January 8, 2006 and again on August 26, 2007.(Bolji.com).

Trip to the Rainbow Nation, South Africa, Johannesburg.

She writes also: Over the centuries history has defined the image of women. But what is the fundamental character and identity of women? No matter what definition of women can be accomplished, it cannot capture the true identity of women. The word women is so deeply rooted in the socio-religious psyche of civilization that attempts to define the true identity are dismissed as myth making. Woo the man- woman, woe of man-woman or won over man-woman, can always flare up a sensational debate, but the order of hierarchy being conferred on men by the accepted rule of Adam being created first, can certainly be flouted by us – the women of present era, with our overbearing presence everywhere – factories, hospitals, science, technology, medicine, banking, police, politics, journalists, creativity, lawyers, judges and at all levels of bureaucracy and yes in space too … (full text).

Our trip to Cologne (Germany) Durga Puja 2005.

And she writes: The juncture of our birth ascribed individuality to us. Like two apparently identical objects display some difference, a new born baby is dissimilar from the other babies. Our identity as an individual was endorsed hypothetically by our birth certificate – our name. Individuality is a bundle of properties – name, religion, origin, color, caste, creed, appearance and above all our thoughts. We mature from infancy to adulthood with this precious possession – thoughts. Everything in this material world can be contaminated but not individual thought … (full text).

Find her Bio and publications on PoemHunter/web pages; on .

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