Jerry Okungu – Kenya

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Jerry Okungu is a political analyst and Media Consultant on African Affairs based in Nairobi. He is also media consultant, Nepad, Kenya secretariat.

A former Senior Staff of the Nation Media Group, he is currently a Director of Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Media Consultant for the International Republican Institute while serving as the Communications Specialist for NEPAD Kenya Secretariat covering the Eastern Africa Region. (Afro Articles).

He writes: “I may be a pessimist, but as early as the Somali peace deal was signed in Nairobi and warlords elected Abdillahi as interim president, I predicted disaster and failure. I did not do so because I had known him. I did so when I saw the circumstances of his election against his track record as a warlord. Now, two years later, my prediction has come to pass. However, what worries me, and I hope other realists too, is why the international community, Africa and the rest of mankind cannot see that backing Abdillahi Yusuf to bring peace and stability to Somalia is like asking a goat to negotiate with a crocodile. (full text).

Who is a lesser devil? Robert Mugabe or IMF’s David Andrews?


Jerry Okungu – Kenya


He writes also: … When one talks of Kano (see the CIA World Fact-Book/Kenya/Background), one remembers Apondo Disi, Nduru dho Nam Lolwe, Migingo, Rabuor, Nyalunya, Nyan’gande, Nyachoda, Awasi Border, Oren, Ong’eche, Kaswa, Thur Dibuoro, Gee Liech, Olasi, Ayweyo, Kimira, Wang’anga, God Waradho, Sidho Gweng’ Lwanda Magere and Legio Maria Arch-Bishop Ondeto. The clans inhabiting Kano Plains are many and varied. They have over the centuries lived in harmony, inter married, mourned their dead and celebrated success together from time immemorial. There has never been conflict from among the Kano clans even with immigrants from Kisumo, Nyakach, Bunyore and Kisii who came and settled among them in the last 100 years, a remarkable peace record achievement if you ask me … (full text).

On Dr. Robert Mugabe, President of The Republic of Zimbabwe, May 8, 2005.

Jerry Okungu’s article titled “Kenya’s spoilt exiles have nothing to give this country” in “The Standard” of 5th January 2005 (east standard), was a candid and frank effort to address a subject that has been ignored for too long, and Jerry needs to be commended for this very brave move … (full text).


The fact that Jerry Okungu and many others of his ilk do not see Kenyans abroad as Kenyans goes to the very heart of the problem. As a prominent and well-respected media personality in Kenya, Mr. Okungu would have been better served checking the facts. (full text).

Peer review is testimony that Africa has resolved to tackle its governance issues, July 15, 2005.

Ignore results: Mr Handa asked PNU to challenge the authenticity on the basis of methodology, not rumours. And the party can ignore the polls if it felt that the results were incorrect, he said. According to recent polls results from Strategic Research, Mr Odinga’s rating has increased by three per cent from 43 to 46 per cent, while that of President Kibaki has declined from 39 to 36 per cent. (full text).

Peer review is testimony that Africa has resolved to tackle its governance issues, Oct. 23, 2005.

… And let me say another thing; the world has become a global village. The days when rulers used to loot treasuries and escape in private jets to foreign lands in times of crises are long gone. As it is, the campaigns are going on smoothly with a few messes here and there in Nairobi and Mt. Kenya area; which is understandable … (full text).

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