Abdullah Jafar Ibn Mohammad Rudaki – Persia/Tajikistan (859-941)

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Abdullah Jafar Ibn Mohammad Rudaki, ( … text in farsi … ), also written as Rudagi or Rudhagi, (859-941) was a Persian poet, and the first great literary genius of modern Persian language, who composed poems in the “New Persian” Perso-Arabic alphabet script. Rudaki is considered a founder of Persian classical literature.

He was born in 858 in Rudak (Panjrud), a village in Khorasan, Persia[1][2] , which is now located in Panjakent, Tajikistan. Most of his biographers assert that he was totally blind, but the accurate knowledge of colors shown in his poems makes this very doubtful. He was the court poet to the Samanid ruler Nasr II (914-943) in Bukhara, but he eventually fell out of favour and ended his life in poverty … (full text).


Abdullah Jafar Ibn Mohammad Rudaki – Persia/Tajikistan (859-941)

TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (Mehr News Agency) — Iran and Tajikistan will jointly celebrate the 1150th birth anniversary of the Persian poet Abu Abdullah Jafar ibn Mohammad Rudaki (858-941) during a series of programs in 2008. (full text, Iran, Tajikistan team up to honor Persian poet Rudaki).

Poet Rudaki.

… Rodaki’s life sets a solid example for the faithfuls to the effect that come what may, it is incumbent upon one to remain firm and unshaken upon one’s own faith, conception and attachment to the Lord of the Age, even at the time of breath taking circumstances, for the Real Life is gained and attained only through the infallible love and attachment to the Lord of the Age. True lover never dies. Rodaki set the just example. Although the enemies of the Imam of the Time deprived him of his eyesight, no tyrant could snatch of him the inner vision derived by his unfailing love and attachment to the progeny of ‘Ahle Bait’ and in spite of the most hardest turmoil he remained inexhaustible in his love for the Imam of the Time and, Inshallah. his name will remain ever shining, for: “Hargiz namiread anki dilash zinda shud bi ishk; Sibt ast bar jaridai aaiam dawam ma.” (full text, Rodaki – Famous Ismaili Poet and Intellectual).


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